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Way heradia takes a strike and it's all an one so how about that hear more heredia banning for nelson cruz so that leg is really gotta be a problem so here is heredia pinch hitting for crews and he was showing bunt any takes a strike for miller the next offer the way tries to bunt fouls that away up the first base side and account is now poland to on heredia we will wait to hear post game but that is obviously not a good sign not a good sign at all has been nursing that sort quad that he injured with a couple of weeks left in spring training down in arizona and the cactus league so crews out of the ball game right now here's a stretch ready turns the button on a two strike pitch coming up here she comes and he takes the pitch for ball one ball of two strikes on heredia and that's how much scott service wants to ready to get ready to lay down a button and get to know the third base so secret can try and tie up this game he's on deck those third base is ramirez so problem with nelson cruz and that right leg here's the pitch swing and a fly ball to discredit way left field backing up his davis stops turns weights and he makes the catch and there's one away and heredia cannot lay down the sacrifice bunt but right now our concern is with nelson cruz soar right leg has been playing on the last few weeks leading up to the start of the year here's kyle seager remember robbie still has a little bit of a sore hamstring that he suffered toward the end of spring training dial seger looking for his first base hit of the year great spot for it right here against a tough lefty and andrew miller seagull for three on the day as grounded out to kipness at second hand he is flat out twice who's.

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