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Check, traffic and weather. Sponsored by the Berman auto express store, and here's Laura Vaughn, with the exception of a few potholes. It's a nice drive. The Edens in one thousand nine minute trip in either direction between lake cook. In the Kennedy junction Kennedy twenty in and out of downtown from O'Hare ten back and forth to the junction on the outbound side. We have reports of a pothole in the center lane at canfield. Eisenhower twenty nine minutes between three ninety in downtown sixteen back and forth to Mannheim. The Stevenson excellent travel time half an hour back and forth between three fifty five and lakeshore drive. Twenty minutes in either direction between the Tri state tollway. Lakeshore drive once again reported pothole in the center lane between Kenzi and California. The Dan Ryan fifteen minutes in and out of downtown from ninety fifth street roadwork on the outbound side from eighty seven to ninety fifth. I fifty seven in the Bishop forty two fifteen minute trip in either direction lake shore drive's all clear tristate southbound slow. Into the hundred and sixty third street toll plaza northbound a little tight there as well. Jane, Addams, Ronald Reagan Veterans Memorial and three ninety Elgin O'Hare tollways. Mellow route fifty three and I eighty showing a good flow and no major problems in northwest, Indiana, eighty ninety four I sixty five in the Indiana toll road traffic is sponsored by Berman auto express store. The new Berman auto express store is the expressway to buy your next used car. One hundred percent online just select your used vehicle get instant upfront pricing, and they'll deliver it right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign. See over five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com. Get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on.

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