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That gruesome discovery of a baby boy found dead in the East River chief of detectives. Dermot chain the father leaving his residence in coop city with what appears to be a backpack that is somewhat rigged to be like a baby carrier poll to. The front so almost Pappas type fitting covered with a. Complete blanket we believe at this time that the child. Was deceased, he says the, father Thirty-seven-year-old James Currie Flint, at Thailand but we'll be back in New York by next week, for now he faces a felony charge. Of concealing the dead body police are looking into violent attacks on a correction officer in Brooklyn and officers at. Rikers island the officer at the Brooklyn detention center complex was closing. A gate when an inmate started reportedly beating punching and kicking the officer, unit Representative say the officer suffered serious injuries and remains in hospital Republican congressman Christopher Collins indicted today on charges that he. Took inside information about a biotechnology company to make it listed stock trades US attorney Jeffrey Gherman FBI asked to interview him and instead of telling the truth he lied and so did Cameron Collins and so that. Stevens are why lying to the FBI they compounded they're insider trading crime with the crime of criminal cover up here's Christy O'Brien with right now traffic send the. Rickyandtina dot com traffic center in the Bronx and the. Maitre deacon Bennett the offramp to the cross Bronx we've. Been accident, partially blocking the, off ramp at the Bronx, Whitestone bridge road working your midspan huddling close in each direction in, mass construction on the westbound MAURICE happening. Right lane closed until three at the RFK triborough bridge Queens-bound on the queen's span construction has the two right. Lanes closed heading to jersey on the Garden State Parkway southbound at. Clark overturned vehicle had the off ramp closed and in Edison water main, break Lincoln highway near Plainfield avenue to traffic in the Southbound lanes. Transit running on, time, are next traffic report in about thirty minutes from the raycatena dot com traffic center I'm Christy O'Brien Seventy-seven WABC and out, here it's, channel seven Bill with the forecast firing up right now right around the, Hudson river from Monticello through orange and. Sullivan Ulster County Down to Sussex Warren county jersey to Morristown all, that's true spreading eastward now we'll have these showers for the. Afternoon the evening commute and the first part is the night just like last night watch gusty winds frequent lightening hail is, even possible hey there could be. A tornado in this stuff tonight this ends after about eight nine o'clock tonight that it's muggy overnight with a low of seventy eight tomorrow we've got sunshine a grey, day a little cooler a little less humid high eighty seven seventy five sunshine warm on Friday the high is eighty eight this is meteorologist beloved seventy seven delivery seabird. New York they've had a, new study that says eating substantial amounts of. Fruits and vegetables lower the risk for breast cancer and in fact It can be. More effective than other you see you can take and I know for a lot of you when you look at your family tree you say I have a preponderance to potentially. Come down with breast cancer and oh women have had mastectomy she in advance preemptively or they've had their ovaries taken out to they've done so many things because obviously they've seen it with that breast cancer hits it could. Be life threatening. But many. Of you going to sit down and eat. Push you falls after push your full of vegetables and. Fruits each and every day to ward off. Breast cancer or other forms. Of, cancer the answer is maybe initially but then you're. Gonna stop you jaws you're, gonna get too tied if you went false shop is with the polygraph you're going to have too many problems digesting so you're, going to give it. Up and I'm telling you don't do that because. You can get all the. Nutritional value plus. Small.

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