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But then the best one right after Anthony Davis block Dennis Smith trying to trying to get different one Solman hill gets all over Mexico, but not love Cleveland because he injured Allen like by two favorite just going after everything type guys. And so they get dunked on a lot. But it's because they're going for as many shots as they do. So the Salman hill dunk was just nasty like he Cleveland caught him, you know, a fair amount before the Dunkin still made it anyway. But then my other two in the top three one of which did not occur in the NBA's bunch. I actually checked the date to make sure to curd in December. And it did. And it was one we saw in person knows Avery Bradley's tip dunk at the very end of clippers warriors which actually tied the game. It was I think it was over clay. They did a shitty job boxing him out which happens, and every Bradley I think it was missed by mantras Herro an each's went over him got the dunk. And so that give the clippers taught at tied the game with twenty seconds to go. And then my number two required by law to be at least that high is the Mario Zona over Janas dunk with the step over. I mean, it was it wasn't as I understand my bias. I understand all that. But it was great and the step over a usually try not to consider that type of thing. But the degree of player quality going the opposite. Way of the Iverson lose step over made it so much funnier to me because it just confirmed so many great things, dude. I was sitting next to Cal academy last night after you left and his own went off for like two dunks in like ten straight points in garage time last night in you left early to go do your writing because it was a blowout. Enter Ubisoft old thing it was it was really too bad. You should go back and watch highlights from from Lhasa Miley comment is that I left with a minute thirty to go. So that I I saw that other than oh, there was one weird thing at the very end that I missed. Yeah. I actually the reason I stayed for that game was because of his own you like it was. And actually, I thought that it would be a really fun fourth quarter in being that way. Also because of clay just going kind of crazy, which was it was it was it was the Knicks are a fascinating and fun garbage time team. So my number one is Janas on Blake Griffin. He just knocked him backwards. This is Blake Griffin. Like one of the strongest guys the NBA Janas just knocked him back. And then don't all resign. It's we're becoming inured to what Jaanus is doing especially like his dunks around the rim when he's just like doesn't even have a head starving. He's he's the the biggest dunker I think since shack Dwight Howard would be in that category too. But Howard even wasn't quite as nimble didn't get the extension that Jaanus does couldn't don't get with both hands away..

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