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You can welcome to the northern Colorado well with a deal with you behind me a long I hope everybody is staying safe with covert nineteen we are still being isolated here on the ranch fortunately we have the studio right here with us so we're still able to put up the show each and every week if you are a new time listener the show welcome Indians want to point out that we just starting certain seasons sixteen here first of April so your news there is seniors of our cards that you can go dig through yes show number one is still up in New York and I wouldn't recommend it it was recorded on a very cheap microphone in a bathroom at a Marriott resort one little experiment which now is turned into the cell the last couple weeks we've been doing the work of brainstorming started showing some brainstorming efforts using GM board based on some feedback we're planning some new ones in the future so stay tuned those will be coming up but I think today's show is going to be an interesting topic many of you know my background having been a Packard as the chief technology officer and retired albeit my wife now says I can no longer use the R. word it is absolutely meaningless coming but I retired as a CEO back in twenty eleven and when I was a teacher I hid the gaming division reporting to me so if you're familiar with the gaming industry the gamers it seems laptops etcetera those are all products that I was involved in a because I used to be a hardcore gamer but probably not nearly as much as a I used to be but today we are going to talk about gaming and I've got a a guest here today that doing an interesting a little on read the typical gaming strategies and approaches that are up there so I won't let anything on the gas some awesome Smith from mission control Austin thanks for taking the time to join us here to organizations thanks for having me come so here is what you and I were talking before we started the show today earlier on right to give you a little bit of my contacts to my background on gaming but give us a little background on you what's your what's your background I know you're living if you live in Saint Louis right but give us a little context here did you grow up there where you go to school yes of course so I grew up in Saint Louis and born and raised here and I and then went to college at Saint Louis University and learned a lot about entrepreneurship economics innovation and you know it's kind of a let me down this past year but my relationship with gaming you kind of brought up your relationship became an H. B. I mean mind you said your hardcore gamer I grew up gaming same way but it was you know gaming with my brother or with my friends as a way to spend time together so I actually wouldn't say I call myself a gamer I don't call myself a hardcore gamer I don't you know played nearly as much as you might consider a game or a hardcore gamer plays when I play in very often is with my friends with my brother as a way to spend time together as a community gathering activity and that is what is fraught you know the core mission control together Chu is that mission control focuses on that community aspect that hardcore yeah I mean they're the dating market in the gray market is brought into to solicit some form of the social interaction you know what it is zero things like whether or you know you gaming sports whether bees semi pro or pro I remember when I got to be two thousand and six I happen to be in Tucson South Korea when I use professional gaming of that was occurring first professional gaming event I ever attended was on sex I just happen to walk into the stadium forty five thousand people in the stadium watching professional gaming and all the tech companies in Korea all supporting sponsors and I was just blown away like I thought of gaming is like same thing sitting in my living room you know playing with my friends or I might be online in the early days you know you're doing a little bit applying but like professional gaming you have forty five thousand so it's almost like going on in the final game or NBA game or whatever but that was one social aspect of gaming the gaming industry's always try to find that social work and some of the works and quite honestly I don't think someone doesn't work so well right so yeah so you're you're you're not wrong at all and then I think the easiest way to look at the U. sports industry is is is that is to look at traditional sports as well so after college I went to work for a group called stadium ventures which is an early stage venture capital firm based in St Louis and invest and sports tracking eastwards companies then and I spent a long time looking at the markets and compare it and you'll see that both have professional levels like you were just talking about on both and amateur levels where there's minor leagues are there's you know amateur tournaments we can win money everybody's trying to get up and get on the both have a varsity where you have NC double a basketball but you also have you know great varsity club and club sports at that college and high school level but one thing that traditional sports has over here that that you sports doesn't have is a level of recreational play their sixty eight million individuals in the United States to clay team based traditional sports and that's typically at parks and rec department's YMCA's JCC's someone however there's a hundred and three million individuals who play multi player video games every week in an average of eight hours a week as tracked by the entertainment software association and those people don't have any structure for that recreational play and I play rec soccer right I play traditional sports do every Thursday night you know between seven or nine you know in the before times at least I would go play soccer with my friends and we love playing we we signed up for it another session across eighty Bucks per person centered around the session and then we lose every every week where we love doing it we pay money anyways because we enjoy spending time together we enjoy the social aspect and then we enjoyed your beer after the game that recreational piece that aspect that all focused on the social aspect the XP the experience and maybe a little on the beer that is missing from and realizing that not being able to find it in my time stadia ventures I left that job founder Byron great mission control which is a B. two B. saas platform correctly zero three zero point that you're right it's not just me you know watching somebody else what if the interaction like you say in rec leagues right my one of my son in law's going to gotten to college on a baseball scholarship as a pitcher right so you know now he's married he's got right it is still but we still want that role of being on the mound right so he plays and they don't lick right and boy he's you know he's not hard on you know wanting to keep that social interaction with friends and I have to keep reminding him that he is getting older right it doesn't doesn't have quite that ninety five mile an hour fastball anymore like you did when he was a sophomore in college right nine added but you gotta live your glory somewhere and in the same case with gaming like I mean you don't have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy a game you don't have to play constantly every day you want to be the best at wars down you know these days that's the big game but you can enjoy time with your friends like I I get on to play a war zone during this pandemic and at that point if it is to hang out with my friends we hang out with my brother and that that's what we do you know sometimes the way which is awesome but I don't spend my time playing all day I don't identify as that hardcore gamer identifies the social games casual games what's really interesting is your your differences between what you know is there is this perception of what a hardcore gamer is we got its claim thirty forty hours a week you know who lives in the basement and everything get a date right all the stereo you know all the traditional stereotypes about about hardcore gamers but you know exactly you know I was looking at some statistics that some people shared with me but when you look at it and you think about how much time though even quote casual gamers writers spend and you know eight hours a week playing a game in some cases that's more time that people spent doing almost any other single activity you know in their life outside of work write something on the castle you know entertainment side it was always an interesting statistic when I was there he was what is the most profitable segment of gaming is middle aged women and people really blown away by it because it it's the casual gaming is the bejeweled in words with friends and and they're playing like eight or ten different games all at ten Bucks a piece or whatever not trying any new game verses like meaning all right and I'm company I'm a company of heroes guys right so I play one game I buy the upgrade package and I spend my forty Bucks here kind of a sign right people don't spin but I went to my wife and said guess what you're the most profitable seven gonna gaining right this isn't the result was a gamer but entertainment that generates more revenue than their.

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