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Is about how to make time to mentor. Many of us have been helped by mentors in our careers and we'd like to pay our gratitude forward. Like everything though mentoring takes time. It's easy to shove it to the bottom of the priority list when life gets busy. But I think even busy. People can make time to mentor. Indeed, I hope busy people will make time to mentor for a few reasons I i. think it's important to show that even people with full personal and professional lives can contribute to the community. But. Let's admit a selfish reason to. Few of us have so arrived that we can't be helped by other people. The People you mentor early in your career may go on to become fabulously successful, while you are still working, and it will be great that they think fondly of you. So, how can you build this into your schedule? One of the best things you can do is to be choosy about who you mentor. Well we do have time for whatever matters to us. Time is ultimately limited. You can't mentor everyone see you want to mentor the People who will blossom best with your help? You can definitely be strategic about this. If you're in a desirable industry and particularly, if you're in a position where you hire people, you will probably get a ton of requests to pick your brain. This is really a terrible image. If you think about it, and it can be easy to feel resentful about these requests, so one of the best ideas I've ever heard for. People in the situation is to create a list of frequently asked questions. Take half an hour or so this week to create a document with the most common bits of advice people ask you for. Send this list around to anyone who asks to pick your brain. Invite them to read it and then send you any. Follow up questions. Here's an interesting discovery. Most people won't bother to follow up. I have no idea why this is I. Think people kind of hope that if they get a coffee meeting with the right person, great things will just magically happen, but in any case by sending a list of frequently asked questions around. You've been helpful, but now you're off the hook. However there will be people who read your document and then follow up with intelligent questions. Those. People by all means meet with them. They're the folks who are serious and are the best use of your time. As for those meetings feel free to make them convenient for you. You might designate a time like every other. Friday morning for these sorts of meetings. Anyone who asks can be put their. Limiting the timeframe it easier to make mental space for these meetings rather than having anytime be an option. You can also have people come to you. Feel free to choose. Whatever location minimizes your transition times like the coffee shop on the first level of your office building. You can also look for ways to fold people into what you're already doing. I've heard many creative examples over the years such as inviting men ts to go from morning walker run with you or sharing a ride to the airport. Many years ago, one of my editors drove me back to the side of Washington DC where we both lived from our office in Virginia most days I tried to keep her entertained and traffic, and she taught me a lot while doing something that she had to do every day anyway. Of course, I saw her at work to, and that's really the best way to fit mentoring into your life. Ideally you work with a lot of high potential people that you'd like to see succeed. Ideally these are the sorts of people you're hiring. If that's the case, then mentoring is really just part of managing. Every time you work with someone, be generous and gracious with feedback. ASK ABOUT THEIR LIVES! Ask about their desired career. Trajectories look for ways to make opportunities for them, because careers are long and so our memories. Time strategically invested this way. We'll definitely pay off. So. How will you make time to mentor? In the meantime. This is Laura thanks for listening and here's to making the most of our time. Hey, everybody I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on twitter, facebook and instagram at before breakfast pod. That's b..

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