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Reilly deal for that, Like it seemed like that deal was rushed that they wanted it done on July 1st. They didn't have to pay that signing bonus, and they just took the best that was out there. And I don't know if I told you that come draft time. They've got a bunch of offers that they really don't like. Will they still move them Because they feel like they just can't like they've got to do it like they can't go forward. They can have him on the roster opening night. They better not I mean, if they do then, as far as I'm concerned, you can just put it in the back here had that The Sabres are never going to be good until they hire the next GM, and hopefully he'll be good. Because I don't think you're a very good GM. If you just take the best offer because you think you've got to get Jack like a lot of here. I mean, Yeah. I understand that. Jack Eichel has a clause in his contract a year from July, 1st that would Give him a no movement and allow him to nix any deal that you could put out there, But there's still a long ways away. And even if you get there, you get there. Um, but you know if if the other team Says. Well, you can't have this prospect. Sorry. Well, okay, we'll take your fourth best prospect instead of your first best prospect. No, you hang up the phone If that best prospect is not available, and the other team is not willing to part with that person. You hang up the phone and wait until the have another conversation down the line when Are you ready to part with that prospect Because and let him know you mean business. Let that GM know that. If you have any hopes of getting Jack Eichel, this is what it is going to take. And if you're not willing to do that, then you know he's not going to be in your city could not agree with more could not agree more with that. Um, let me ask you a guest. Specifically, Maybe not about the ducks. Maybe it's about just defense. You had this this idea that I've heard you say on the station and even on another station about flipping Darlene for another center dependent on what you would get back. And Michael offer, And the reason I bring up Anaheim is well, they have the third overall pick. And yes, Trevor's egress is the most popular name that would like to throw into these mock Michael trades, but There are other star level prospect is Jamie Drysdale, who is a defenseman. And if he were to be included on the deal, it doesn't have to be. You could say they should do this anyway. The third overall pick. They've just been years kid. Everyone seems to project going second. So if he were to go to and you're not getting Zegers in the deal, suddenly I've got all these young defenseman with high upside. Oh, and power and Drysdale and Luke Hughes, maybe or the Sweden kid. Add Vincent, like there's a bunch of defenseman at the top. I don't know. Like Do you think that Darlene swap for another center is that something they could actually get to? If that's kind of how it plays out if I were Adams, I would if I know for sure. I'm taking power. Would definitely explore that. It has nothing to do with that. I think that brass Miss Darlene is not going to be a good player because he slumped in the beginning of last season under Kruger and slumped the year before. I actually think Darlene is going to be fine, and I think he's going to be a good player and I think under Granado, he showed us the type of player that he could be on his way to being and that's why I had the idea because You know, it's like, uh, the last time the Sabres have the number number one overall pick if you remember they traded a to Pierre Turgeon. And they traded him for Pat La Fontaine. That's what I'm looking for. That would be the type of trade or impact that I'd be looking for. Not even a winger. I'm not calling the Rangers. I need a guy who is going to be my top center for years to come. Just like Rasmus Dahlin is going to be one of your top defenseman for years to come. That's what it's going to take me. You know, uh, to get that deal, whether you're calling the King's You're calling the Blackhawks on, Doc, Maybe you're calling the devil's for Jack Hughes. You know the but that's that's the trade I would be looking for. Not because I want to get rid of Darlene. Not well. I have too many defenseman, so I'll just get rid of Dalian for a pretty good player. Whatever it would have to be something specific like that. But I definitely would explore it just to flip your good depth. I suppose you could put it because you know now you got power. So okay. He's a left handed shooting. D also And let's turn that very, very good number one overall pick into Maybe a very, very good number one overall pick center number two overall pick center That can take that the number one spot by the horns. And I think you become a better team because of it, especially if you're trading Eichel and your trading Reinhardt. I don't know. I just think it would be a really, really good idea if you could pull it off. Alright Paul honey big plans for the weekend. No, I'm definitely because of traffic. I've seen the air show now, so you won't won't be heading down there. But now we'll see what we'll see what the weekend brings. Of course, I'll be watching hockey as we go along with The USA Network. I find that interesting. You know here. NBC's losing the contract and you're in the semi finals in the NHL has their games on the USA Network. Okay, Cool. Yeah, they're just punting on it. I guess we know we're not keeping it anyway, so we might as well just stick them over here. Uh, do you have, by the way? Do you have a final that you want to see? Like, I think the most popular answer for that is Vegas and Tampa just because of the styles that they play up and down the ice offensive, But I don't know. Part of me does want to see something that we've never seen. Well, at least I've never seen because you know, year to year without it being weird like this. You're not gonna get to see Montreal versus the Islanders of the Lightning in the finals. Yeah, but you know, Vegas and and Tampa would be would be sweet. Yeah, Yeah, That'd be something new also and the thing about the islands and I don't want this to come off wrong because I respect the heck out of the Islanders. I respect Barry Trotz. And what he has been able to do when you lose. John Tovar is one of the best talents in the National Hockey League and you actually become better. Well, there's there's something for Adams to look to trade your best player and get better good luck with that, But it's been done..

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