Brennan Walsh, Proctor, Kassis discussed on Daily Racing Form - The Matt Bernier Show - July 19th, 2017


Finally got back down to the inside edge finish very very well but i didn't love that she didn't seem like she really wanted to be in between horses splitting so that's a little bit of a concern which she got a giant time form rating in that pen penalty 119 proctor's ledge goes out for brennan walsh another coming out of the regret she ran second to sweeping patty sweeping patty is drawn just to her outside the winner of the great three regret worth noting proctor's allege gets lasix on for the first time here for brainwashing javier are the ten is victory to victory twohorse that i've been disappointed in thus far as it three year old i thought she had a a big big two year old campaign spread thought she had a ton of ability and potential here and so far she just kinda got off to a rocky start the blinkers come off but she does figured before the place for mart cassi in kassis also has the eleven dream dancing who is she was kind of up against it in the most recent start we know new money honeys capel jewish came back to win the beaumont oaks few weeks back a dream dancing is very talented i do wonder though in the spy she going to get over bet and i think 55 is going to get over but as well as they both have obviously major credentials and they can both run very very well defiant honor if she stays attend to one i don't think she's going to i think she's going to be wise guy horse in here she has tactical speech you can sit a little bit of a trip just off the pace i think she is very very interesting and possibly one not just for this race for going forward is she's anything like our older sister was receptor uh to it defined honor could be very very a talented an interesting one going forward for jimmy toner.

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