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Span offered to show video statements by any other members who submitted them we've received thirty three videos all by Democrats so far over the next fifteen minutes you'll hear from Oklahoma congresswoman Kendra horn Washington's Derek Kilmer Emanuel cleaver of Missouri Joe Morelle from New York no that is Susie Lee and Raul Ruiz from California hi this is congresswoman Kendra horn from Oklahoma state district it's Friday March twenty seventh and I am excited that the house of representatives just passed the bipartisan cares act off the house floor this is the third package bipartisan package that Congress has passed in as many weeks to help our communities our first responders or health care providers or individuals businesses families with dealing with this cove in nineteen crisis I'm coming to you from here in Oklahoma City because I'm in the last day of a fourteen day quarantine after being exposed to the Kobe nineteen virus and though I'm here in Oklahoma I have been fighting to ensure that the package we passed with bipartisan and it got relief to the places that it was most needed and includes critical oversight to ensure that we're getting the money the relief this support where it needs to be as quickly and efficiently as possible though this bill is not perfect it is a bipartisan effort that does just that it.

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