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I want wanna take too much time. he's a year you know doing your day nfl. And all that. And i'm like okay. Man look i I just want to tell you that. I move new york three or four years ago and the way this works is i'm c. ram You know not not. Because i'm filling myself. It's just because i'm making moves in your city and Eventually i'm gonna be doing enough to where you notice my name. And he was like you know. Respect respect that me up and that was it. And i left my And that was. That was when i talked today so it was good that i need at any other point before that guy talking football. What kind of rush was it. When he said he knew you were it was it was it was like what pacino sitting new. I was alba teams like the football show man. They football fan. And i was like what time i looked at the house. Working with extra looked at cameron sits cup gal for second among the i said i said i said. Do you like miss patino. Yeah love football. He's gonna wanna show and sundays. I was like what's going on so Whenever i hear my estee like you are in it. And it's not football related. Like gino didn't say man. I loved it when you play with randy moss. He was talking about my working. tv. I bet right. There is a mark of a guy who has successfully transitioned out of one chapter into the other. So i had a similar experience where i interviewed. Tom brady once in person. This was many years ago. And when i introduced myself up trailer for sports illustrated right this called hawk lakes at the time. And he's like. Oh yeah i know it. I totally thought he was bullshitting. I didn't believe him for one second. But you know if it is true. That's pretty cool. But i but it may but for second whether was nice to be nice or you actually knew either way. It's kind of trippy. And it makes you feel good. Because tom brady even if he didn't know you didn't have to be nice. So that makes you think right there that he actually do. And i will bet you tom brady. Does tom brady. Doesn't say thing is just the same. So i bet you. He was a big fan of a big fan of yours. So good luck and have fun on friday brother. Thank you you too all right. We'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. This episode is brought to you by disney plus disney plus to hulu. Espn plus stream all your favorites with the disney bundle. Disney plus has loki luca on hulu watch originals.

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