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Roun who plays king robert and we may have a little update about max brown later in the show's he wants to make sure you stay tuned to the end on him so that's the catch you up in any way at the dawn of season for like i said max character king robert is being coronated as kane this is after he is deposed his uncle print cyrus a jake maskell from the throne when cyrus took it iran asli wrongly or he's basically accused of killing his brother to get thrown that's not actually true true he worked with the queen to get to the spot now the queen regrets her life choices by putting him in the throw of the try to get him off the throne by putting her middle son liam on the throne then robert came back alive even though he was then technically because he was the plane crash and well those whole sees three of robbie getting back in the spotlight and then he pulled him desperately underhanded tricks towards the end the screwing over his that point sort of girlfriend and well screwing over brother at the same exact time well it becomes very very enthralled with the power of being king we'll go with that phrasing yes so this episode is basically liam pissed he wanted to be king more so he knows his brother is kind of a jerk and he wants to take him down he's upset about what robert did himself as well as his sort of girlfriends sort of not girlfriend jet not jemma covered over and co catherine yes i can't keep the ladies in the show straight laid there alone them anyway so liam is upset about what robert did the catherine what robert did himself you know to liam and so he goes to the only person he knows that can help him and that is his deposed uncle cyrus who initially tells him no because you know cyrus was getting ready to blow his brains out because he was posed and then agrees to help liam in the end and they proceed to party and drink for weeks on end to which cyrus then informs liam one lovely morning that the reason why.

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