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Click especially because of a lot of the signal loss that's occurred with the irs update so for us. Sales funnels have become far more and far more of an integral overall approach. Combine that with front end assets that we know really really work in now. You've got a really killer combination even in spite of all the stuff that's going on right now so that would be my exception to know sales funnel for an e commerce business. The only well the second exception. I suppose would be. If you've got a product that nobody else has it's the only one. And i always say well if you have the cure for cancer you really don't need a whole lot to sell it. You just need to put yourself in front of the audience. That needs your stuff. Put it in front of the starving crowds so to speak. And then they'll buy it on their own and but the real trick with most advertising that you probably don't have a product or a market that's data distinct so you need to do a lot of advertising a lot of hook research lot of video up front a lot of convincing and the news feed before they even consider buying your stuff so if you've got a great offer that no one else has great for you. You just said something that resonated ralph and extra reminded me of a client that we feel that you're talking about if you've got the only thing you've got for cancer you can put your offer not in front of a starving audience. The issue with that is convincing the audience. That you're offer will satiate hunger. We had a client who invented a new type of baby swale. And when i took this on. I was a new dad and it was amazing. It was amazing though the swallow you could change the kid's diaper while keeping swallowed swallowed. There were all these like cool little pockets in the way that it went on and went off his way easier than the swallows. We were using unbelievable. It's really brilliant product. We ran e com. Smart shopping you know inbound in the beginning died on the vine in died on the vine because the value proposition was more complex than could be understood in the fraction of a second. You could see you know a little bit of the bureau videos or some of the images so to the point that you just made. That's a product really needed a funnel and that's not a tool. It's my tool belt. And so we just didn't go in that direction. But i bet you had. She built something that really explained what it was. How it did it. You know you're talking about your client with these three five minute videos. That's what you need it. You need three to five minutes to watch this thing in play and then you're like oh that's why it's twice as much because it's ten times as good. Yeah so i think. I think that's a point. We'll take the. I want to add to that is. There's a lot of products where the product is a piece of the funnel. We've got a client who sells in industrial tape. And one tape is ten bucks and the.

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