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Will center exceptional medicine by exceptional people this is jasmine rodriguez your host and today on the show will be talking to alley at a yamada is an aren but a castle medical center she is a wellness educator and tobacco treatment specialists that's kind of a mouthful isn't it and so it really does encompass everything that you do the wellness center would that title well welcome aboard inky alley a great to have you let's get right into the topic at high because we have a lot to cover sure tell me what's happening to them or 21st well it's the great american spoke smoke out the the american cancer society has sponsored for men a years and into the 70s again it's always the third thursday of november me and it started out when this guy was trying to raise money for a high school so he said hey let's get people to quit smoking and for the money that they say for that day they can donate it to our high school is not a great idea so that's how it actually started now election that the half now what a what makes it so hard for people to stop smoking nicotine is very addictive and because there's so many facets to the addiction it's an emotional physical as well as habitual addiction beheaded that's why it makes it so difficult and it's it's hard for me to even i understand that and i'm sure that probably the people that are listening was seeing while you've never tried it so you don't know but ages smells so awful so i can even i can't even fathom the you know the taste of it but i know that it is addictive and it's something that people sometimes people do it for weight loss you know kids they think that if they smoke they don't gain weight and that's you know unfortunately that c uh too bad way of thinking well it's true that some people actually want to not gain a lot of weight and so they feel that that helps keep them from gaining the way especially with female patients but i've also had male patients with that concern um so because it does stimulate your body artificially your metabolism is elevated with an it continues but we always encourage our patients to look at all the different ways that they.

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