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Afternoon twelve thirty on data has with your top stories customers are suing the state over the newly signed California wildfire law law will allow electric utilities to raise electric rates to cover the costs of wild fires caused by power company equipment the lawsuit argues that the legislation passes the costs of wild far too utility customers a taxpayers which violates their rights also targets part of the law that would allow a new wildfire safety advisory board to keep its communications with state regulators a secret which they claim not justified meantime president trump called American long time military involvement in Afghanistan ridiculous basically what policemen right now and we're not supposed to be policemen we've been there for nineteen years in Afghanistan it's ridiculous during a photo op with Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan but Khan rather at the White House today trump said he could end things in a week or ten days but noted that millions of people would die Khan argue there's no military solution haven't Afghanistan the call for a political solution between the Afghan government and the Taliban Sacramento metro fire using a drone to fight fires last week a drone operator gave information to accrue fighting a grass fire on real island in the American river drone gave cruise real time pictures of the fire help direct cruise headed to the island and show firefighters were to land the fight with land to fight the flames the fire burned about an acre the contrary to what some Tennesseans believe there is no such thing as a meth Gator ninety Loretto Tennessee police department created the character the credit as a humorous illustration of the dangers of flushing drugs and other substances down the toilet now department it decided to cash in on the notoriety is a plan to watch a website.

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