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Of a coach and he went overseas for seventeen years and so i saw ben simmons when he was fifteen years old while by himself at a basket shooting when i was the ustralian olympic coach and you know up and introduce myself and talked about coaching his dad but you could just see us david simmons son and you could see that he was an athlete and you know what type of position he was but you could see immediately physical gifts were amazing yeah you know it's funny for being tall and lean he looks strong like his physical straight he's he's a he's pretty compact i don't know i mean you know a lot of these rookies come into this league and you can push him around he looks strong to me 'cause you're right you know you you are correct and i think there's a a strategy and toughness i don't know if you know much about the ozzy sporting culture yes yes yeah you know and it's like i coached in that country for seventeen years and if you have a sort of know the mentality in the spirit of the sporting culture and if you ever looked at the diversion of football hybrid of sort of football and soccer it's the australian football league is indigenous to australia there was a toughness and a fitness that is ridiculous they are the fittest athletes that i've ever seen and you know you put a domino autumn it would confirm that are hotly wanted to confirm it and he's got all that call and he's got a nap lettuces he's got a fitness and toughness and it's true what you what you just said that is what you see what a pleasure brett i love that you're so open to talk about your young stars in your team i just under a valued the chemistry they play real defense which a lot of young guys in the nba that's a hard transition i could.

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