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Time to slow down a little your. . Time now. . More, , than pursue it was it was much I. . It's still nice but I'm definitely. . At a point now where? ? Be going, , to bed. . At like. . I'm in like some. . Like nine thirty. . Every night I've only going to bed. . So early every night so very well rested the first time in a long time. . So now I'm like h Tina. . Traveling, , place I'm I'm ready but. . All the time. . Yeah. . Yeah. . Absolutely. . Man I mean maybe as a way to get into it, , I wanted to ask you about this because you're one of the few people I've talked to WHO's actually had this experience you did at least one of those drive in shows, , right? ? Yeah I did one in. . It's not technically Charlotte but it's called the fountain. . Outside a Shar like. . Forty five minutes as a shirt. . That I mean walk me through that experience because I'm I'm so curious what it actually felt like to play one of those shows, , right? ? Well, , you know it's interesting because. . I feel like. . Every. . Time. . They're still I guess every week or so. . The climate surrounding. . Coronavirus or country or if you wanna Mike. . Rugged down to what we do in music. . History. . Shows and safety every week or every couple of waste seems like there's a different. . Tone to. . The overall consensus of. . Or what's not or what's what's what's considered okay, , and what's not considered okay. . So at the time of Accepting the drive in at the very beginning of the pandemic but that's Close closer to beginnings. . He's ideas started coming on board around and I was like well only if it's safe and. . assured was assured it was going to be running with all the precautions. . needed. . Sauza guy let's do it <hes>. . At least could say I did warn in my lifetime looking back on this and. . The entire experience break down it was so. . So. . Interesting. . But it was also really great on the road team. . Have that one little sense of normalcy for the back with that family right? ? Because that's family were disconnected from right now. . Yeah. . Dude I. . I feel like normally I spend majority of my year with these guys in the it's the first time I've seen him since probably February which was pretty wild. . You're the show was <hes>. . It was it was interesting was very I know there's been a lot of mixture of us in a lot of controversy and a lot of different viewpoints on the drive in but my experience I can only speak it test mice during read. . The people that were vice show of. . It was. . It was extremely safe <hes> I got there and <hes>. . Obviously it's. . It's a it's an interesting way out stage is not normal stage, , but you look out there near. . Plot of land. . It's massive view. . It's actually in a beautiful area north. . Carolina was palm land in your ads they will drive in the middle of nowhere. . You know when he started when we got there for the show <hes>. . We had a little green room of whatever you WANNA, , call it like the bandages office. . Entire thing I'm looking at this? ? This is insane like hundreds and hundreds of cars, , but all all within their confined space. . And I was like nervous. . We'll see our kids gonNA like. . Kids. . Tend to break rules Orlean at our bend the rules. . Like a follow them until they get into an arcade <unk>, , screw, , we're going to go your own thing. . What I notice was everyone was actually like. . Inner areas tailgating in their own area so We weren't like. . Johnny not allowed to drive a students staged way to walk to the stage, , which is totally GUAC panacea at all but I walk through these cars everyone like in their own spot hanging out with a small group of people everyone had their masks which I was nervous as. . I. . Don't want to be one of those things where. . Everyone's in their mask and everyone's raging I'm like, , please please please everyone is saw. . A FROM MY CO engine stage wearing their masks <unk> surprisingly a lot of people were. . Staying in their cars with all the tour shut listening to the music raging. . That's interesting. . That's kind of why were they was it on like a like an FM. . Station people to so this was this was this was one of those ones amodio station June into classic drive in situation and A. . was kind of interesting about the layout was we had a stage in its smaller stage. . It wasn't a big festival Susan that. . Was Cool. . Is Right next to the right of. . The movie was the wall movie projector. . Only thing is like hundred tall was thing is. . The biggest movie screen of. . The had alive live streaming camera angle couple of angles of the media Jank from booth cameras hooked up there were projecting like live casting off the big screen and they had that makes in with I brought my vj. . So he was able to to <hes> display my content. . On this really cool large movie screen mixed into my live cam feed and. . It was really cool. . It was like I've never seen anything like that for a show like scream out large. . That pretty interesting show itself. . <hes> it's it's weird because we had my own borders. . So they were like festivals don't monitor so loud for me on like a normal joe for me, ,

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