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Season three of masters of scale launches this week and this season we will embark on a hero's journey yes it is i captain hoffman instigator of innovation upholder originality and advocate for inspiration except i captain hoffman a not the actual hero this journey the true heroes on my guests this season you'll meet the unlikely heroes of scales the entrepreneurs who survived the oddest of odyssey's even by silicon valley standards matches surprised anyone gave us money to work on this idea though speak heresies one of my biggest lessons about scale was scale they'll share their vulnerabilities read you must realize i was terrible speaker my accent was even worse than it is now eke out a living if you can call it that i wasn't technically speaking on the streets they'll contradict themselves because they contain multitudes we knew we were going to lose as money the day after we made this decision unlike my guest from previous seasons like mark or sheryl sandberg this season focuses on business titans who didn't write silicon valley's playbook like spotify's mostly mildmannered founder daniel for some kind of interested in kind of comforts and it's kind of nice playing the alter ego of yourself sometimes we'll also hear from the founders of task rabbit glossy and shake shack plus tory burch when with paltrow and arianna huffington and of course it wouldn't be master of the scale without a few silicon valley luminaries like yahoo's marissa mayer and the new ceo uber dara khosro shahi this season we will get a bit more dramatic this pull young i knew you well a bit funkier six times six thirty six six times five thirty eight a bit bolder the whole the masters of scale and has always we'll focus on the hard one insights of entrepreneurs who know how to scale their businesses against all odds and to tremendous heights season three of mashes scale premieres this week visit masters of scale dot com and subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you listen special thanks to the mastercard center for inclusive growth

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