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I've got to fantastic guests to help me do just that in a few minutes. We'll be talking with Sarah is a CNN. Political analyst and a staff writer at the dispatch. But I joined by my colleagues. CNN reporter and producer Marshall Cohen. Welcome back to the PODCAST Marshall. Thank you Zach since you were on the most recent episode of this podcast and between then and now wow There was a weekend and there was also a semi major development in the timeline of this whole Ukraine scandal. Candle and that development is that we saw an email from Mike Duffy and Owen beneficial D- tailing that. He was officially putting hold on the in. The military is secure insecurity aid that was set to go to Ukraine. And this is such a big deal because it occurred about ninety minutes after the phone call on July twenty fifth between President Trump and Ukrainian president President Vladimir Zielinski We've spent a lot of time on this program and certainly in the Impeachment Watch newsletter. And I know you've written entire stories about everything everything that happened on July twenty fifth reconstructing that day the fact that we see this new email is important to me for two reasons reasons number one. It shows there's a lot of stuff we still don't know about what happened that day and Democrats interesting trying to get this done. They're not waiting for court orders. They're not waiting for the entire fact pattern to emerge so. I think that's a really important point. And this shows us their stuff That we don't know but it also I think more importantly than that shows us that all of the evidence that we get about that day about this Ukrainian scandal all seems to reinforce the fact pattern what we know about it. That trump pressured Zielinski and that the aid was held up. So those are the two two things I see and they're sort of say opposite things here but what do you know you see this e mail what what runs through your head. And you've spent more time thinking about specific moments the next day than anybody shore. Yeah I mean I think that's a great point. Zack this is not exculpatory for the president I wouldn't necessarily say that it's a spoken spokane. Gun of what. His critics have accused him of doing per se. But it doesn't help You know zoom out for a second right. We got these documents after a transparency group filed a freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Office of Management and Budget so the Democrats in Congress want these exact same emails in fact. They subpoenaed the White House and they subpoenaed O. M. B. The budget office for documents. It's about Ukraine and about the hold up of assistance. So let's just be totally clear. Democrats few months back while they were launching beginning. This investigation investigation asked for these documents. And the President gave the directive to the entire administration. Do not cooperate. Don't turn over anything thing. And the Democrats ultimately said that. They thought that that was tantamount to unconstitutional offense which became article two of the impeachment. So these are documents that Democrats think are important to the impeachment investigation. We are lucky to see them now because of of a foia lawsuit and because a judge ruled the right way and because the judge set the schedule for when it would be coming out quickly they could set it for whatever they want because come on February February or June. For whatever reason so there's a little bit of luck here so that's part one part to the actual content of the message and it dives deep deep into July twenty fifth two thousand nineteen as you mentioned this critical day. There was so much more happening that day than just the phone call with the president. There were so many anything's happening behind the scenes And it really tells you the story of who knows what what was going on and there are some people that do know Michael Duffy. This political political appointee at Mike Pompeo who was on that phone call and communicates regularly with President. John Bolton who was the president's events national security advisor later talked one on one with the president about the military freeze for Ukraine. So this tells us a tiny tiny little nugget of what happened but it also to me tells us that there is so much more we don't know it's true and it's so interesting because has Democrats are now trying essentially in the house. They were trying to speed the process up. And now the shoe's on the other foot they're trying essentially to slow it down and say we need more testimony testimony. We need to see you know what else we can learn and Chuck Schumer was talking about this. At a a an event he told reporters taking a listen to this. How important he thinks thinks this new set of emails? If there was ever.

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