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The Democrats. the way that it's never gonna happen whenever that happens we will always be there for a second amendment so Mitch McConnell says he wants to know what the president will support has he made a decision on that. the president has been actively engaged on the second amendment issue the entire time is in particularly after the mass shootings in el Paso in Dayton and then of course it does after that and he has talked just this week I was there he talk to Republican and democratic United States senators who also actively engaged we want this to be bipartisan but we're not going to allow bad actors who should not have firearms in the first place who then murder innocent Americans to be the excuse that a bunch of liberals and socialists have to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens who have legally procure them and I'm not going to hell people who are constantly maligning into writing our law enforcement to be in charge of public safety public policy and so when the winds the leader McConnell says he wants to put on the Senate floor something the president will support and that's that's advises a why the Democrats talking about things. I just I don't hear support for a specific piece of legislation is that mean the decision has not yet been made well there are pieces of legislation that already exists that we have looked at the press has been briefed on many of my colleagues in the west wing this their summer vacations even work on this every single day we went with the present several times just this past week he has been talking to members who will vote on this on both sides of the aisle anyone to do something all at once the president has been listening to the best practices in the states that have rates for traction orders he's been listening to strengthening mental health he's been listen he has done more on background checks and any other president in this way and yet a recent present this way in March of twenty eighteen bill president trump signed into law the fix mix that would have prevented a number of these murderers from having fires in the first place as senator Coons democratic Delaware senator Pat Toomey every public in Pennsylvania they've got six next plus we call a lion try if you even try to get a firearm and you shouldn't be you're already on the list back at six. America's I wanna look America's other mothers in the face and tell them that we need to look at the fact patterns that happen in places like parkland Florida in Dayton Ohio and together we all scratching our heads and say how can this happen so we have to look at what has happened and fix that for the next time not just pass bills **** nilly because the government and Democrats like bait or work admitted it the other night were coming for your gun we we will need to get to that later a success I don't mean it he's my decision as it is considering I I'll get I'll get two minutes left. like lightning. yeah I get a quick lighting around a little bit delay in the satellite here my apologies on China trade Beijing gave a little this week we gave a little are we fighting to a stalemate on this issue yes or no. now we're getting to a great trade agreement that stops **** the American worker and American economy why do they have a five hundred billion dollar trade deficit with China the world's second largest economy why have we as Americans just sat idly by looking either way that we believe in forcing technology transfers and stealing our intellectual property so this president does it make a quick half big deal when he can get a better deal longer term okay I. progress at the Chinese are coming to America the Chinese are coming here now and the president wants a bilateral trade agreement that helps America two more things one minute left here on impeachment what does he think about those in the house pursuing it. complete nonsense injury now is that impeachment Chester terms this is a process they can make they need to get a messaging meeting and I need to read the constitution the Democratic Party I we saw in the Congress work for you they work for you and they're wasting your money and their time on trying to impeach a president where there are no high crimes and misdemeanors they thought the Mahler report would be the end all the even have Bob Miller come and talk about the Miller important is a disaster so they work for you tell them to vote on the U. S. M. C. A. get that trade deal done telling John pricing infrastructure keep this great economy humming along and stop the nonsense of harassing an embarrassing this present in the people around him when you have no constitutional legal basis to do so last point he said it's buying Warner Sanders. does he still think that for the democratic nomination. sure well anything can happen we saw that in twenty sixteen although at this point twenty sixteen president trump was the front runner had center stage the debates never lost that place and is now the president sure but I think it's the irony is we should be lost on no one that the Democratic Party bill that is said we are for we we need a new generation of leadership they have candidates of color they are female female cans of color they had they've got it to the city of young candidates young up and coming cannons but isn't lost on anyone at that that the three front runners are sort of older white cannons I think that's pretty ironic because that's the democratic primary electorate who is rejecting these younger candidates in this quote generational transformation from can be any of them you hear in debate after bait people creeping towards socialism folks wake up already people are freaking socialist countries to come to our great democracy of capitalism and freedom our girls and women have rights in this country socialist has in pa. people and taking even worse from then so this this presents right for any of them I think he's watching with more amusement and very little fear I'll leave it there thank you for your time will work on the lightning aspect next time Kelly Ann Conway appreciate your being with us today thank you thank you in a moment democratic presidential candidates came to the debate stage spoiling for.

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