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I know i'm hearing pilmer now i actually in all honesty i i woke up this morning to all the blowing up of been up here in new york in philly for the last few days and of course everybody sending me pictures of the snow back home in houston and i'm up here in philly and it there's no no no nothing at wow where he degrees yeah a for a second because when it initially started down here in houston at lie goes that type of snow or wants to hit the ground melted but we eventually got to think like four inches of snow and everybody's out there making snowmen like people out there and i think people out there and aggie lander making snow matic is it huntsville hyunchul there's a lot of north seems to be more snow like in my neighborhood there's there's snow but not enough to make a snowman but there's other parts of the town where you can really get it so you missed you missed the best we can right right exactly i i do like the joke that i've been senior on social media that like contact her fans that says uh jimbo fisher will become the a and then at coach one tela freezes over then we get four inches of snow though that that was pretty good actually don't likeness now i don't like the colon whatsoever and i don't want snow but when i stepped outside today wasn't as cold as i thought it'd be so i guess that debt hold that that i guess that it's true like the humidity makes the cold so much worst down here in houston i will agree with that and you know what i'm not looking for two years later today for the army navy game um it's supposed to be a high of thirty enough 100 percent chance of rain and snow during the game you know an outdoor stadium i'm not looking forward.

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