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Skill do kim Thank you ted. Thank you ted. And we're back and Here is the other big piece of news that happened this week. Our supervisor of district three Aaron peskine Announced that Well he put out a statement. And i believe this was on wednesday saying after serious consideration. I have decided to enter into alcohol treatment. Under the guidance of professionals i stand by my long legislative civic record but must also take full responsibility for the tenor that i have struck in my public relationships for that. I am truly sorry. I'm extremely grateful to my family colleagues staff and constituents for their understanding and support as i work through the difficult issues that i'm finally confronting. I take seriously my duties and responsibilities as a community member and public official and remain deeply committed to the issues legislative agenda that i have pursued on behalf of san francisco for two decades so we should probably give just a little disclaimer up front. Aaron is our supervisor. He's also a personal friend of yours bob for some years and You know both of us have voted for him It's as many people have said been an open secret for a that. You know he had this. I whether deserved reputation for Imbibing now and then Lice take drink but one should also note that aaron besides having a reputation for imbibing now and then has a reputation for having sharp elbows whether sober or imbibed. I don't know if that's the word and especially When advocating on issues Where he feels the His constituents an tax payers san francisco are taking. It are taking it being taken advantage of by the rich and powerful. Yeah and and you know on that note This whole thing happened in the context of a conflict that has been brewing for some months. between aaron and His fellow supervisor chi chan the they being sort of a unit together on one side of the conflict. And on the other side being Phil ginsburg the head of the san francisco recreation and parks department and the sf parks alliance. Which is a nonprofit. That is hand in glove with the Reckon parks department and does a bunch of fundraising and

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