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Yesterday evening that he had made a decision but did not reveal his pick. At the White House was telling GOP lawmakers that Barrett was a choice Here is the president, speaking about it at a rally in Newport News, Virginia last night president claiming it's the first of its kind achievement. Even many presidents never had one Supreme Court. We're gonna have three of all people. That's a record. It is not close to a record. George Washington appointed 14 Justices Franklin Roosevelt eighth Ronald Reagan is tied with Donald Trump for three. Andy FIELD. ABC NEWS Washington The master chooses a G announcing indictments in connection to the Cova 19 deaths of 76 veterans at the Holy Oak Soldiers Home W. B. C's Karen Regal With that student, Walsh has gone from Marine two unemployed accused criminal in the span of just a few years. Attorney General Maura Healey, announcing a grand jury is indicting him and his former medical director, Dr David Clinton. At the Holy Oak Soldiers home. A grand jury returned indictments against Walsh and Clinton for causing or permitting serious bodily injury or neglect of an elder During the Kobe 19 outbreak each defendant is facing 10 counts total. Five counts for the criminal neglect charge in five counts for the serious bodily injury charged, Haley said. No veteran should have died the way they did it. Holyoke Theeighty was asked if Walsh was qualified for the position he held. She said No. Karen Regal W B Z Boston's news radio on a billion dollar redevelopment project at Suffolk Downs jumps over a big hurdle, winning an approval by the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Development on the 109 acre. Lot includes 10,000 apartments and condos. Office space for 25,000 workers. Two retail squares and a 40 acre open space that would be accessible by the public. The huge undertaking could take two decades to complete. The project is led by a Tch Y M investment group. The Boston Celtics keep up their season They keep the season alive, I should say with a 1 21 108 win over the Miami Heat last night. Miami leading the best of seven series three games to two. Game six is tomorrow night. Mars through Boston last night, demanding justice in the death of Briana Taylor. That's coming up next, But first we're gonna hit the roads, travel weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive. Traffic on the threes and good morning. Happy Saturday. Rob. I know I saw some fog. I got caught up in it on my way in. Is it still hanging around? Oh, yeah, Absolutely. We're looking at that right now. Serious. We take a look at the highways. The traffic cameras in the visibility is definitely reduced because of that thick fog. In most places this morning, so allows him extra travel time and use some caution. Otherwise, most incidents clearing away We had a couple of crashes earlier, 1 28 South Near 1 35 in Denham, the rollover clearing away there. No delays Ruth, three on the South Shore or the expressway on Western Town, not Sydney. Big delays on the pike Just watch from going lain restrictions near the prude tunnel to 90 eastbound. We also have ongoing work near the quints Sigmund Bridge that ongoing work between Plantation Street in Main Street. To the North, 3, 93 and 95 or okay, heading up to Ridge, New Hampshire and downtown. No problems on the lower deck or there's a comm. The airport tunnels here find Rob Hackle is traffic on the threes. And now the.

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