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Peace, then watches on and we've got it covered for you back to your calls In a moment at 802 280550 remember, you can always call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Consider us your release valve. What you agree or disagree? I know this is the Oasis Petroleum Be the Buffalo Hotline. I know it's designed for great North Dakotans to celebrate other great North Dakotans. And you sure can't do that there because all of you have the Same kind of be the Buffalo spirit They do at Oasis Petroleum, but it could also be the they hate him and hotline. That's okay too. Or just hate in general. Just hate hotline. You can hate anybody. Anything. A truck hate me. Hate me. Hate my brother. Hate other people. Whatever. I don't care. I thought you were supposed to love your brother. But I guess you don't hate your brother changes Ugo. Yeah, It's kind of a bummer. Today is Wednesday, and that means Swedish meatballs on my radar. A little bummed out. I didn't get to the lost Dani Este ran out of time. But Swedish meatballs or lasagna. Are they doing the Swedish meatballs? That's all I want in the valley cities that's gonna take about 45 minutes for you and I, but we'll get there. Maybe we trip we need to decompress you can get Swedish meatballs. Also, request may have a new dress for a book. So I know what you're picking. Valley City exit to 92 hardwood north of Fargo. She has choice today Teriyaki chicken at 12,000 north or we could go to Ulan for lasagna. They're back up. The catch is no longer closed. They sold out to sea tacos yesterday on they're going to go, Petros, Serve us a home, cook and grab and go convenience. Well, I think we should go to Valley City because I want to take a look at this. Unbelievable set of wheels. It's not free. But it's worth every penny. 2017 Chevrolet Suburban. Apocalypse and Valley City Sharp white color. Premier addition, this things only got 36,000 miles on it. Oh, it's got the coca dune leather interior. Call that tan, but they have to come up with new names with this stuff. Sunroof, DVD navigation power left. Did you get the picture? Heated seats. We don't need those cooled seats. Yeah. We need them both leather and new tires. 22 inch chrome wheels. Ah, one owner trade they This thing was treated treated like the most precious thing you could ever imagine. You signed a lot right now at 48,900. I suppose that 60 plus 70 new right? Well, yes, only 36,000 miles on so still new and 48 9 today. Straight 48 If you tell him you heard on the on us I had heard about on the radio brand new. This is Yeah. 80,000 for this one was the sticker on it. And it's 48 grand today. Unbelievable. Online, you'll find it and publish Valley City. Com column at 804 14352 couple off here calls first. I don't know where the off their calls tend to be a little nastier. Maybe it's easier. It's sort of a social media thing. But Todd, you play yours first. He should be impeached, That's for sure. He's the biggest crook in in the world. Needs to be a speech. I never thought I'd hear radio host that him and his brother would stand in front of a dormitory with their pants. Don't wait. What do you mean your brother? Mm hmm. Oh, yeah. I'm really lost by getting to know Scott. I didn't never I'd never did that. I don't have a brother. You I don't have a brother that did that. So question everything we now say this guy is not credible. I think maybe the dormitory pants down thing. Maybe reforming, referring to a former candidate for secretary state who admitted his mistake who you know, sadly got caught up in a political swirl when he's only trying to make sure we counted every vote likely. And bring the age of the secretary of state's office down about 60 years, But you know that's been adjudicated. That's not my brother. I did defend him at the time because I thought he Screwed up and admitted it. It'll do for anybody. Democrat or Republican. You just say Hey, I did it dumb. Sorry. I was in a dark place Whatever. Kevin has one to Cabot. Phil. What do you got? So here, the Republicans said all we need to be afraid of the Mexicans. Luke Hickey, Dirty Brown people. They're coming. They carry the plague. They're coming. We see him at the border. I could see him for my house at the border bill defense. Build a wall. Keep him out. We're gonna have to laugh at it. Now, Um, the Mexicans didn't bring the plague. It was the white people. Mexicans didn't bring the plague. It was white Republican president that didn't control the plague. And you're certain after last at it now build the wall held their building walls everywhere around the courthouse Is state Capitol anyplace that the Republican Party's gonna be But they're building a wall to keep the Republicans out. We have more to fear from Republicans who knew then we had to fear from the Mexicans. Berta. Ironic, isn't it? Hmm. I'll just let that sit there, mostly because I'm worried for her. You know, you think I had to possibly stroke on Monday that that's like stroke time? Uh oh. Ouch! Let's see here. Gene in Bere area. North Korea. There's another good little cove Gene. You got a minute ago. Good morning, Scott. Oh, let's see. What do we think up for a new man for the Republican Party about the party of UNIX? You know, I kind of like you, man. They won't fight and the Democrats they heard this morning that they picked Paul. Mar. Well, the guy from California with the Chinese Mistress or whatever, right? Okay. Now they put here Mommy Intelligence of Committee or nominated him for the Intelligence committee. Now that's a really intelligent thing. Who the heck else would men? They're about it. That's why you probably think, if you were you, Nick. So I'm connecting these dots for you.

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