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Ban a little something for everyone. I suppose here will start with the Mass turnpike westbound pretty good coming out of the city. You've got some stop and go out past route, 16 and Newton announced because there had been a crash out at 1 28. All lanes have reopened there. Now we would see this backup anyway. Route to westbound jam Bird 62 out to the rotary. It's like that, anyways. But now there's a clash in that specific rotary. So that's gonna make things worse than usual. There. Let's see the expressway South crawling out of the tunnel to South Bay your back in it shortly after Brian Dad I've got 18 minutes top to bottom North found slow going a past Columbia road. Then up towards the tunnel route. 24 North has eased out pretty quickly threw stones and it was just a while ago we had a crash by route 1 39. Now over the lower end of 1 28 is the WBC news radio traffic up there. Well, we've got a problem here on what's gonna get stopped out. It's a crash of that is In the right lane. After 1 35 and get him you're backed up beyond Great Plain Avenue. Kristen Aachen, the WBC news, radio traffic copter nor it up to the North. Things aren't bad. In comparison. 1 20 eight's good from Wall fame, all the way up into Peabody, Route three and 93 or decent up towards 4 95. No complaints on Ruwan and then downtown Storrow Drive is slow coming and delivered circle, But we expect that The lower deck, The Tobin Bridge, the Sumner Tunnel, They're all good. My king WBC's traffic on the three. Now we're checking the four day WBC AC You weather forecast Here's Brian over mostly cloudy sky. For tonight, there will be a flurry or two around any wet or slushy areas Will refreeze, resulting in some slick spots will see a low down to 28.

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