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One of the hottest teams in the NBA nineteen and five over the last twenty four games best Mark in the league during that stretch matched a franchise record. And they've been doing it without some key players head coach Kenny Atkinson on his team's committee approach think it's a sign of a good program when you can plug guys in that, you know, haven't been plan or have been in a G league, and they can still produce at an MBA level. Ladies key player to hit the shelves, Spencer Dinwiddie? He's reportedly headed for surgery on Monday to repair some torn ligaments in his right them expected to miss three to six weeks. A couple of marquee match ups on the way tonight potential finals preview with the warriors. And the Celtics meeting in Boston at eight thirty eastern Golden State be going for ten straight win. Celtics have won five in a row and then tipping at ninety six. Visit the nuggets Joel Joel Embiid rather ruled out for Philadelphia lingering back tightness and Jimmy Butler is officially doubtful but expected to miss the game that's revisiting specialists Friday for his ailing right wrist. Lebron James has returned to full-contact defensive practice with the Lakers. First time he's done that since joining his groin Christmas day, but he'll miss his sixteenth game in a row when L A host the Suns tomorrow night. We got one game underway on this evening scheduled first-quarter coming to a close in New Orleans Spurs, leave the pelicans twenty eight to twenty seven college hoops games in progress. The SEC big twelve challenge part of it. At least ninth ranked Kansas on the road out to an early sixteen to nine lead over number. Eight Kentucky Texas Tech up on Arkansas in the first half twenty two seventeen Missouri. Leads LSU twenty three to twenty finals from today. Top rank Tennessee, easy over West Virginia. Eighty-three sixty six do came back in the second half to erase Georgia. Tech at Cameron indoor sixty six fifty three Virginia over Notre Dame. Eighty two fifty five Marquette defeated Xavier eighty seven eighty two was Illinois over Maryland. Seventy eight sixty seven I was state dumped ole miss eighty seven seventy three NC state top Clemson, sixty nine sixty seven Louisville beat Pitt sixty six fifty one at the senior bowl. The north beat the south thirty four twenty four do quarterback. Daniel Jones named MVP passing touchdown and a rushing score. Or NHL all star games. Still to come for San Jose trio of three on three contests beginning at eight eastern back to back grand slam titles for twenty one year old Dale Sokha. Now, the number one women's tennis player in the world defeating Patrick Evita in today's Australian Open final. I'm Chris lopresti. Saturday February ninth when you walk through the turnstiles into the clubhouse. The dugout stairs. And Steph onto the grass of oracle park. You'll be taking a step into the future of giants baseball. Wow. This is the future. Everything looks Switzer. Twenty nineteen KNB are giants fan fest presented vice any we wanna thank.

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