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Brooklyn. And here we go, Tori. Craig looks in throws it into Mason, plummets only hands it off over the wall Murray's van falls down. He shoots the three. But he missed it offense a foul on Denver. That's gonna be on Mason Plumlee illegal pick. That's wise men fell down. When he averages one of those game, I think in a legal screen foul. Call. The on Graham comes back in and Rhonda Hollis. Jefferson will go out. Tori creek has been such a difference maker on on Russell in the second half. Just pestering him. Whenever he gets the ball and he makes bad decisions. A lot of times as Russell what he's got that pressure on them. There's a back court pick by Ed Davis. Now, Russell has a dribble. Handoff to top of the key over the next year throwback. Russell in a three got it. One eleven in ninety two. Can't stop the three ball tonight. Brooklyn shooting them at Golden State Warriors pace, they're sixteen twenty seven fifty one percents hand off to Yokich down through the faint. Nice pick and roll run thereby Shimomura Murray. Wait that can't be right. Yeah. There's sixteen of twenty seven fifty nine percent from downtown. Russell has it on the high rise side, those top the key to Graham Hill step into a theory that good I mean, they can't miss twenty point lead. Again, now for the Brooklyn nets. And now we play two minutes in the basketball game balanced faster, the high post right side by Nicole Yokich yoga chance off behind him Murray. He'll take a fifteen footer jumpers. No, good rebound down to Plumlee wants to go back up. Can't and then gets fouled a swat down on the hand by Ed Davis. And this will put. Mason Plumlee to the free throw line in Denver's in the bonus.

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