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The death toll from the latest terror attack rises by one. I'm Matt Reese with a UC post game report. Another victim has been discovered at one of the mosques in New Zealand where a suspended white supremacist opened fire. The number of lives lost his now fifty with fifty others injured a twenty eight year old man from Australia has been charged with murder thirty six minutes after getting I call for help local police arrested twenty eight-year-old Brinton Tarin in Australia. Native Thornton rating is home over two hundred miles away using a bomb disposal robot. He's behind bars after appearing in court his handcuffs shackled to his waist. That's ABC's will car in New Zealand the university of Michigan says there does not appear to be an active threat following reports of a shooter on campus on Twitter, the university said police continue to investigate the situation. Previously, the university said there were unconfirmed reports of an. Active shooter in the area of Mason hall. A twenty seven year old man from Cincinnati is dead tonight. After an accident last night on state route seventy three in Washington township. The Ohio State patrol says Cody Chapman was killed after his vehicle. Lost control and wrecked. Into some trees. Police say the Chapman crash right after two other vehicles had collided on the road ahead of him. Michael Jackson's only daughter Paris Jackson says a report that she was hospitalized following a suicide attempt is false on Twitter. She slammed a TMZ report with profanities and called it a lie..

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