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So bonnie of inquires again and yesterday a big thing comes and bonnie goes yeah yeah we got coffee we got coffee and i said okay just put a coffee ice cream in the freezer and at the end of the show i'll go get that says we have men chipped to with chocolate chocolate chip lottanen chocolate kerr said okay great i go into the freezer there's no coffee ice cream no no no listen there is mocha chocolate chip and i say to bonnie there's no coffee and she says well there's mocha chocolate chip and i bought planning that's not core theor kate coffee is coffee toffee is not coffee vanilla is no no no co chocolate chip is not coffee she was you know she was doing a victory dance that she had gotten the coffee there's a lot of men chocolate chip which is also by the way very good ask him but it's not chocolate if you say david if you say i want chocolate and someone gives you something greenwood chocolate chips in it what is your reaction that's not chocolate that's exactly right and while they tell you well it says meant chocolate chip you would say what i won chocolate i don't think this is being selfish are willing to go on it okay no no maybe panis falling down on her job soliciting swag for you free stuff people and what would cut a selfish said some of us present company excluded of course of get orbited thinking i should just get free stuff and if the free stuff isn't exactly the way i want that i can race i fear barter system day then take a a video ended out or they put it on instagram that's worth a lot more than a six pints of itself essentially to be fair subsea i should be in jail and muslims.

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