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Way this crackdown in the weather center is a heated hearing in Mineola last night child protective services came under fire for the death of Thomas valve of the eight year old died in the care of his father Michael's been charged with murder now and the meeting was constantly interrupted by comments like this Tommy's mom just Dinos up co valve attended the meeting in a Q. several family in divorce court judges of misconduct all this connections corruption influence host me to die we could learn more about the case today the Suffolk County DA is expected to announce the unsealing of indictments as the two suspects in the case are in court when you think about how much it costs to go to the hospital how much is charge wonder how can they be on life support three of him in Hudson county certainly seem to be on financial life support and now New Jersey stepping in to help as we hear from W. CBS reporter Kristi collision daily financial updates on Kerr point will now need to be given to a monitor who was appointed by the state it all started in October when Kerr point announced that it's signed a letter of intent to become part of our W. J. Barnabas health or W. J. says Kerr point recently rejected the offer but your point says it never receive the next documents from our W. J. to finish off the deal over fears that the system which owns three Hudson county hospitals would close for financial reasons the state department of health took over an appointed the monitor care point said in a statement that it understands that it's complying critically here WCBS newsradio eight eighty Barnes and noble is pulling the plug on a plan to recreate some classic book covers for black history month critics call it literary black face Barnes and noble is canceling plans to re issue twelve classics with major characters depicted on the cover with dark skin in honor of black history month the books include Moby Dick Romeo and Juliet and the wizard of oz featuring an Asian Dorothy in a pink dress other covers over as black and native American the joint project with Random House used artificial intelligence to look through one hundred books that make no reference to the race of their characters Deborah Rodriguez CBS news Joe Connelly's here and talk to him in two minutes seven twenty two W. CBS news time there's a lot for investors to be optimistic about these days we've been writing the longest and best stock market run since World War two the S. and P. is up over four hundred percent since March two thousand nine but what about you have your accounts more than quadrupled in the past decade the truth is that most stock investors don't achieve the same performance as the overall market leading two thirds of Americans still feeling like they'll have to work after retirement so who's profiting from all those massive gains what would you do if you knew that the big banks and institutions tend not to follow the same advice they give you and what if you could learn where they buy sell and make profit take the first step by signing up for a free introductory.

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