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So yeah, Yeah. Thie, our friends. I'm not. You know, I'll take a Daniel landing a long legs and I put him outside. You know, I don't smell that is very nice. It'll smash him. You can say you can live but can't leave my house. I don't want my house either. But like I said, our borrow, my Lord, is this legacy, You know, sort of knock up down there right back. It's like it was so anyway. Okay. Dr Jessica Levy, holistic vet. How can they get ahold of After my website ballistic dash dash care Now you do over the phone consoles and email councils in law along within clinic Correct. All right. So just wanna let people know that cause a lot of people are doing that. I know. I'm get a lot of phone calls consoles himself. Okay, We're we're talking about anything before he went to break. I totally spaced out interested in trying We finished? We finished talking about the dog with bladder stones. Good. Ok, OK, so let's move on to our next. Yeah, Okay. We have another question for we have Tanya and her dog has some nipping and biting behavior going on. Okay, let's talk to Tanya. Hey, Daniel. You doing And how about you? Good? Good. What kind of dog you got? So we have an 18 week old Bernie duty, Bernie Doodle. OK, 18 week. Okay. Sounds of getting public class. Yeah. How adamant Public class All we did. Yeah. What's the dog's name? Uh Cooper, not not in yours. But in another world. Okay, we live in the South Metro. So I think and he does great. He's super smart. He knows Eh? You know, just to stay, Please. You He's a really smart dog. But I believe that he Chino wants the dominant still, even for instance, when we're tying our shoes, helmets at our laces consistently, even if we say no or stop He still doesn't and I'm we're not sure if he thinks it's a game, but then it become. Yeah. So why? Why does it become anger? But what? You're not getting his way. I know. But then what? How What does he do that Any girl. Okay? Assures the Truro not just sassy pants. It's a full on brawl and then it's a chomp down on your hand. Okay. What do you do? What he nips that you're upset you? What have you been done? We We hold his color from the back. But then he literally turned himself upside down and hold. Yeah, and I don't. That's what dogs do. You're doing it wrong. You never ever grab a dog's buy a collar never, and especially adult dogs, who have it nailed a nail bad dogs have a fighter free instinct and if they feel the restraint Somebody grabbed in the collar. Their immediate reaction is a whip around and nailing. Okay, So the thing is, is that I would try is your get your hair, Mr. Plant, Mr. Set it on stream, you know, filled with water. We tried that. Okay, I hear Mr Plant, Mister. You can get him at the travel section at Walley world and anyway on 99 cents, but anyway, so fill it with water, said it downstream and carry it with you at first. And so then, when he lets they do something that might like do your shoe laces or something. And so then, when he goes for you blasted in the face with it has got to play in water. Dp first you go. Then I would use the word. Leave it OK, if he's go digging around with your shoe lace or your your shoes or whatever, I go blast believe it all right. And it was Lucy backs off. Just call me say thank you And then don't say good boy. And don't pet him. Alright, because too much hand action Dodgers some dogs that really go nuts over the hand action alright and start going forward even more. So then where's your ball? And let's go over here? Play the What is this game? Get him onto something else, Okay? And then to think, Do you let him drive in 6 ft. Nylon leash around the house. Okay, Good, Good, good. And so then now, let's say he walked by you. And he's going after your shoe laces. You're standing up, right? Okay. You're not tying your shoes, and if he goes every a blast him in the face. Leave it as soon as he leaves it. Thank you already be nipping at ya. You know, Maltin, It's your arms in your arms. They're getting you blast. You've got to get that growl in there, though. They're in the low, slow, deep tone to dog means. You mean business because, remember, Mom already taught him that. If they were digging around with Mom, Let's say hanging off her lip should give my deep, slow growl Good over and have the pump didn't listen. She quick pullout grab around the neck with Keith and pinched a couple yelp like I've died. I'm dying. Okay? And so that my slowly let go the grip and puppet slowly back off. A little late while later the puppet slowly come back up to Mom. And still ticked. And mama give a deep growling are still texting away from Mom. So they've already learn. If you listen to the ground, the correction doesn't come in. Still more people are no. Their dogs to death. No, don't Odo, And so what it is, is that dog a live it deep in your voice, slow it down and then followed up with the blast. Now some dogs. What you could do that the one with the water They kind of go got it. Got it. So they want you to go with half apple cider, vinegar, half water and just name and aim for them. That nose are for the For the mouth and just get that voice in there. I know. But wait. OK, the slower and lower the more of you mean business and a tired puppy is a mouthy, jumpy, yucky puppy. And some dogs need more naps than others. And so that's why is this usually happen at the same time every day, you know, around the same time every day or what it does early in the morning and late at night, Okay? And so then, the early in the morning just woke up. He's full of spit fire. Okay, So then maybe What's gonna try to do is a new routine to re do you have a fenced in yard or what's your routine, dear? The day in the morning are routine right away. Take him outside. Come back in and play for 15 minutes and then taken for a walk. Okay? Why are we playing in the morning? One adult Blais taken for a walk. You want to be no tug War games, No wrestling games that teaches a dog to be pushy about towards you. If you want to play tug arresting that happens later, like when they're a year year and a half Where now that you've laid good manners. You want to create the manners you need at this time. So then, that way there already is going to be a D. She's gonna grow up to be a a well mannered adult dog and not a pushy dog as he had puppet this age is testing you to see what you are going to do about a situation. Okay. And so that's why like I say you get their growing there, I wrong And if you have to do did you give him a time? Out You go. Kano. Let him is settle down. Okay? And then once he settled down, maybe a minute, five minutes. Whatever. Then bring it back out. Try it again. And so that you just gotta learn because every day is a different deal..

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