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Apparently lit a cigarette in the car after spraying at like that ax body spray on him and he went to elect a cigarette booth shelf of you'll pay the i don't know the car was i don't know why anyone wears acts i don't feel all my son has acts at god bless him are located will do anything for my i acts the is the worst smell meth like i went out yesterday and by the way but all the best to my friend you're gonna make it it's gonna be great and yes you could have spun on stage but when i go down for his dribble abe relief i go down to the biggest vested tatiana down in tampa going down to a big outdoor concerts it's really quite exciting because we go out with a band great band we have thousands of people gone through thout doors you know everything i guess i could this is my friend please welcome but the people come the cereal once this guy you know so let's remain like this has to be a backstory it yet carriers than everybody is going to lend is gonna wanna come on stage that it's one that one you can will be faking ailments yet right so so i i as i said okay let me stay was lists that will matt simbone our operations manager and i go on and on kind of burned out a long day you guys were gone and i said well let me just to drive home and are come i'll come back and i go well you know what's the weather's reject weather well it's going to be crazy so i don't i said i don't drive on my makes your michaels okay michael goes was mom and big mikey thank god forbid my case kuroda's so i go okay now i want to come in here and wearing the same clothes so i go down to joseph a banks and now one can put a homeless it's paraguay wins a good zilic yuri excuse me her and we're on radio the emirate i know and adequate at you'll catch as a had unless you do that is friday by had the suit look at this nice tires gorgeous while we continuing to give these people ever tournament on every night on the show working i bought one got two for free well yeah so i gather but i.

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