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I'm sue Guzman in New Jersey. Richfield police are being credited with saving a man, whose house exploded this morning officer hag up ju- jewel was first on the scene. And says they heard moaning from the back of the house. Officers assisted the piece of wood where we got. Did him out the home on Abbott avenue was completely leveled when it exploded around eleven thirty AM. Fire officials say they're investigating whether there was an existing gas leak. Prior to the explosion. I'm Lisa G, W, O, R, new troops are heading to the Middle East amid rising tensions with Iran. The acting US Defense Secretary announced at a thousand American soldiers will guard against possible Iranian threats in the region. The US is blaming around for recent attacks tankers in the Gulf, Oman, a Westchester county police officer is injured after a man stopped for a traffic infraction took off at high speed forcing the cop to jump into the car to avoid being dragged that incident happened about eleven thirty this morning on the northbound Hudson simmer for Parkway in new Rochelle. The she'll say the driver took off with the door open struggle with the officer on the front seat reaching speeds of up to sixty miles an hour that harrowing ride continued for three quarters of a mile with a try for exceleron breaking hard. Trying to throw the officer from the car the suspect described, only as a Massachusetts man in his twenty Swiss finally cornered, and arrested, spacing, several felony charges, including attempted murder of a police officer, assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The trial begins tomorrow for the Bronx teenager, accused of killing his classmate with a knife, a fight at the urban assembly school for wildlife. Conservation in September of two thousand seventeen ended with fifteen year old Matthew Macree dead from knife, wounds and manslaughter charges filed against eighteen year old able sedan Sodano video of the incident appears to show Macree and another student attacking Sodano, which is when he lashed out with a knife sedan, yo, however claims self defense and says that ever since sixth grade he'd been bullied for being gay as family has to date unsuccessfully sought out in order of protection, claiming the gay teen is face continuing threats on social media. I'm James flippin. W O, R news. A group of Jimmy Buffett fans say they became seriously ill during an. April trip to the Dominican Republic reports are that forty-seven members of the central Oklahoma. Parrot had association got sick, many of them. So seriously. They couldn't even leave their hotel rooms. Several Americans have gotten sick others died in the Dominican.

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