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Well, it might not be a knockout. Punch but it certainly was a gut punch that fended off the spread of those aggressive fires these troublesome fire that rapidly burn through Rocky Mountain National Park from the parks gateway communities of Grand Lake to Estes Park on Saturday was greatly tained on Sunday in fact so much snow fell as you've heard in our news this morning that firefighters were actually pulled off the lines as the snow made for unsafe a travel conditions you talk about fire and Ice Pap Ben Atar Monday snowfall reports included twenty four inches for red feather lakes twenty, one inches for Cameron Pass fifteen to twenty one inches for parts of the east troublesome fire and half that much at lower elevations of the fire. Paul DEMARCO. Who is Cameron peak fire operations section chief said during Sunday's video updated maybe quite a few days before we see fire activity on the ground now the cameron peak fire incident command. Team also handling the Thomson Zone was so called Thompson zone of the east troublesome fire, which is that portion of the fire that spotted in Rocky Mountain National Park and threatened Estes Park Demarco said, the snow was a huge plus for all of the firefighters despite the snow the Monday morning incident reports said, the precipitation may not be enough to end the fire season for the year though it will significantly diminish fire behavior in the short term extended precipitation that stays on the ground and actually seats into those fuels. Will be necessary to completely extinguish the fire fire activity may increase again as another drying chand with moderate temperatures and not predicted precipitation is in the extended forecast aviation used Sunday and was expected to be used again, used to assess the snow's impact on both fires. The crews will monitor the fires once travel conditions improve storm mountain road was closed Sunday after a fire truck slid off the road and other crashes were reported on the road between Estes Park and Fort Collins this according to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office. Now the sheriff's Office went on to say that property owners. Who have been contacted about structured loss will be allowed back to those properties. Remains of them starting on Wednesday property owners in this is so heartbreaking property owners and crystal Mark Mountain, which is reported to have suffered significant losses. Will also be allowed in Wednesday property owners and the string town moon dance wind song, Windy Ridge, and owl hollow areas. Will. Be allowed him on Thursday. Now according to the sheriff property owners will be able to assemble at the nascent Ville Mercantile. This is Burke Buckhorn Road Larimer County. Road Twenty seven and Larimer County Road Thirty, eight E at eight..

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