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The fact that she flipped the ball. Wasn't the fact that she pinned on David because from a strategic standpoint, I got that it was the fact that she continued encourage the few. That's were really hurt my feelings because as my friend you knew what that meant to. So. What was the purpose? So officials would definitely her. David well, we have to run just want to say congratulations again we really hope that we have the chance to talk with you some more in the future about everything from this season and everything with the challenge at some point down the road. So congratulations again on being America's favorite house guest. Much. Thank you. All right there you have it. That is our big brother exit interview special here for the finale with our top three and America's favorite house guest Dave van thanks to Taryn. We let him go to bed. After two am on the East Coast when wrapping up these interviews here tonight. So a well deserved rest for Taryn at the end of this big brother twenty two homestretch. So thank you so much for listening to everything that we had for you here tonight all of our coverage of the big. Brother. But we're it'd be right back at it with amazing race coverage. She'll get to watch the amazing race as they visited my old stomping grounds in the Amazon rainforest. Tonight I'll be back with Jessica lease and Mike Bloom on Thursday for recap of the amazing race thirty, two I think it's thirty two I guess ten seasons ahead of big brother so of. Course all of this podcast is made possible by the patrons of rob has a podcast. If you want to find out more about everything, we have going on a lot of patron podcasts coming up over the next couple of days including our end of the month patron cast, which is going to be coming up on Friday look. It's the end of the month. You get charged again at the start of the month if you become a patron at the end of the month, but they have a new annual membership which I always recommend to people they're taking a look at our Patriot at the end of the month, you pay for eleven months and you get twelve a one month for free. When you become an annual patron of Robin's PODCASTS AT ROB has a website dot com slash patron. Thanks so much Taryn he works tirelessly during the big brother season he was great on the exit interviews tonight, and of course, Thanks everybody who stayed with us all season long everybody have a good one by..

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