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Not. Like somebody who has really long arms reached and say. Oh. This was like an most powerful moment between the two of them for him. And like his biggest memory is just trying to say that Chadwick was incredibly supportive. I don't think that the biggest competitor competitor portion of the crown portion helps. But like you could skate around that if you wanted to be nice to people by that cancer comment is he is Li-, are you dumb? Yeah. No, I'm sorry. Chadwick was not only a better actor but by other people's accounts a better person, I'm not saying that other people have said it just in the way they describe your behavior versus I'd but I, I'm not saying that but I'm saying that's what I have ascertained like I just I don't know where you found the nerve and I may have written off the original post as you know. NIGGA will do a lot of showboating for social media or Nigga speaker even and sometimes things come out super wrong and you know you was just trying to share but the fact that you came that girl like that making light of the thing that just kill Chad by calling her comment just as deadly that's why I'm just like, okay. No. Comment that wasn't even it wasn't even bad right violations. You'll see on instagram it wasn't even I mean these are valid question that the young lady is bringing up. How you make this about you how you put you in the same fucking conversation. Thurgood Marshall the Jackie Robinson talking about you picking up. The crown. We're. Talking about. Hungary actually stepped up to the plate and ask the question that was on all of them like. And said in a nicer way than I would have is for you to react like that. Is just. Don't say nothing to me about that boy because I ain't got it. On fucking believable. You ought to be ashamed. Everybody else saying these sweet beautiful loving things or just straight up saying. This is fucking trash like and I can't even talk about it like. And yet Amari. fucking hardwick. Where you found the gumption sister put it back. No, you don't have enough of that. Snow tonight. Thank you so much. How I could not believe it but it was real. So That is going to wrap up this week's episode of the recheck Assad at this is three dot com on social media at this is the read You can get our merch at shop three, dot com slash Urfa since back right now but if it is. Then, that is the websites anything from you from this week. My happy meal. This week is the things that made me smile wine Karen Huber making fun of Giselle Bryant's clubs on the real housewives. Salman Talk. To. Singer slash comedian on Instagram Katie underscore French and her song the fridge again, and or I'm at the fridge. Again, go to her instagram was posted on August twelve and it was expertly sung as well as funniest fuck. Last A. tweet. Jasmine Sullivan. Yes please. There is a lot of really strong. It'd be music that was released this past weekend but I just WANNA say tweet. Quintessential aren be voice perfect and effortless harmonies. Voices did the tat you know the test of time and and Industry Shenanigans and Jasmine Sullivan once again, full open soul The MP three are M for a I love them. Both of those songs gave me what I needed in terms of music and Melody Toni Braxton's album sounds good. This other ones I still need to listen to. But those are the things that made me smile and feel good and hopefully you have found something make you smile and feel good as well. Yes something else. I. Saw that you might really like Dino Young bbq is. That girls will be dancing. You don't know. Who she is hilarious. This Nigga when I say this nickleby dancing her ass off anyway she did the rain Missy Song Rain in the actual rain all. And missy posted the video on her. INSTAGRAM. So if you have not see that, go check it out because she fucking killed. It is so good and I just love her like I. Don't know how she is funny while she does this ship but. It has just everything. So shout out to young BBQ in, go follow her and checking her videos if you need a little laughter and sunshine in Your Life. Oh my God and also the council do you know what the counselors? Now it sounds like something for witches and so. No is this girl who I'm sure she started on Tiktok, but she basically does these videos where she's talking a different part of herself. So like her brain, her pussy, her heart, her commonsense, her logic, right so the all of the character's make up the council and her videos are just fucking hilarious. So search for the council, it's council with a K. K.. O. U. N. C. I. L. But she is so so funny and I love her stuff to. Secure concerts is I mean it's really cute and I think a lot of people have a bit off of it. At this point Michael Jordan I think is a fan and went live with her on instagram and she must embarrassed ourselves and then made fun of herself in a video like it's just really fun and funny. So check her out. and. That's it for me. Well the avengers game goes live for me in fifteen minutes. Don't talk to me leave me awhile and I don't know any new girls because that's where I will be for the rest of my life unless I mean until I have come back into this again I hope you guys enjoyed Monica and Randy's meal slides and that everyone is healthy as possible and doing something to feel good. Hey. Yes. How do we will see all next week?.

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