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Possibly, but I think that this particular GOP could cut off its nose despite its face and want a pound of flesh for at least a year. If we're already in recession, a year is a long time before you hit the relief valve. For this repossession, massive wave for people losing their cars for people's credit cards blowing up and having to move back in with their families. Again, if, again, politics can not be just kind of conveniently taken out of the equation. If this GOP is as revenge driven as they seem like they're going to be after the last two years of whatever the inflation acceleration act was, all that stuff. If they're determined to take revenge for that, then we could be in recession with nobody doing anything about it until they go, oh my God. There's a 2024 election coming up. We're going to get voting out of office by a bunch of really pissed off people who want more debt forgiveness. This is why I think that Joe Biden has already announced an 8th suspension of financial student loan payments as of January 1st. I tweeted it out this morning. I'm like, why don't we just quit playing games here? Why don't you just extend it until November of 2024, and it's the last hurrah. It's the last bit of give me that you can give. Give it away until November 2024. And quit telling people are going to get $20,000 in the mail. Move on. You know, it's so interesting to me looking at it from the vantage point of just how broken our money is. The fact that people vote in one guy and they're like, oh, well, it's still not getting better. Things are bad. Let's just do the other guy. Okay, wait, things are not better. They're worse. Okay, let's go back to the other guy and it's just this like ping Pong and meanwhile the politicians are just getting richer off of it. And so I kind of wanted to kind of curious what are your thoughts? She's got a damn ETF, Nancy Pelosi. I know. Wait, okay, so who in your opinion actually runs this country politicians? Corporations or banks?

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