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There was one situation, where a man seemingly stoned and drunk according to the. Group, stumbled into the neighborhood and neighbors. Took it upon themselves to get rid, of this man from their space Messaging how. They. Would approach him and. Neighbor very heroic style ran out into the street and using a paintball gun. Shot the man stunned him. And he fell to. The ground and they apprehended him wow just to be clear this was. A man who, hadn't actually done a thing yet to threaten anyone he was just acting suspiciously you, hadn't done anything and suspicious is. Also very interesting word because who defines what suspicious is and in fact people, have the civic right to be on. The streets of, Johannesburg and, in neighborhoods and that is that man's right but neighbors had decided in the group who. Belongs in space and who doesn't? And they had? Decided he doesn't. Belong and the police in, fact let the man go and warned the neighbors not to take this into their own hands was there a racial element there was he black he was black the neighborhood is predominantly white and the people they would speak about as Not belonging we're predominantly black this is not a new phenomenon in South Africa even codes that is. Used in the group which I've never seen elsewhere such as the abbreviation b.. M. is used for black male is b. m. walking along certain road and. Please. Be on the lookout. With these codes it's clear there's an us and them in creating that us. That intimate group is exactly. What what's up is. Designed to do she says you seem to feel the presence of others. And create a, sense of we we're in this together and this comes through things like you know, the last seen online status so. You can tell when someone's laughing looking at the app of course and it, creates a sense of other people being. Around if you, like even, if they're not in physical proximity and other things like you can tell when everyone has. Rijo message the notification ticks turned? From gray to? Blue to the. Kind of presence that allows you to think people are with you even If they obviously not physically present.

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