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Hamas, John Bolton, Twitter discussed on Mark Levin



Hezbollah. We should leave them for that. You really believe that? We're not having massive casualties in Syria. We have very few casualties. I don't even know of any casualties. And I'm not trying to be a hard hearted in any respect. Nobody on the air supports the military as much as I do. But I do know this if we have to go back into that area after we withdraw then you're going to see big casualties. And I think the president to some extent. Has had second thoughts certainly about an immediate pullout. So he's slowing it down. So are superb national security advisor in. This guy's great John Bolton left hates them communists. Hate him. The fascist hate him the Islamic Nazis hate him. Our media hate them hate them. What a cabal? Interesting. They're on the same side in this respect. So he gave a short statement, which reflects the president's position. Although our media is trying to build a wedge between Bolton and Trump goes. That's what they do. And he said in so many words, I'll tell you exactly what he said in Jerusalem. We don't think the Turks or to undertake military action that's not fully coordinated with an agreed to by the United States at a minimum. So they don't endanger our troops. But also, so they meet the president's requirement that the Syrian opposition forces that fought with us or not endangered. He's talking about a number of them. But especially the Kurds, well, Aragon gray mistake. It's not possible for us to swallow. The message Baltin gave from Israel. So he's a Jew hater. He's occurred. Hater he's a freedom. Hater this guy. Is a piece of crap. And I'd use another word, but I can't. This guy is a two-faced liar. And the president should not believe a thing. He has to say, and so he wouldn't meet with Bolton. He wouldn't meet with bone. You see it's to below him. You wouldn't meet with Bolton because Bolton knows a genocidal fascist subhuman when he sees one, and that's gone. Who was destroyed that magnificent country. Who is now working closely with Putin? And other. Of those tyrannical types. All around the world. He's a very dangerous, man. He wants to organize the Muslims to against Israel. Organiz the Muslims. He wants to throw all journalists in prison. Teachers who don't agree with them in prison like this phony effort, he said to topple his government. Then he rounds up. Tens of thousands of people who are obviously all in on the plot. Bloggers teachers police officers. Anyone who ever said anything negative about him? We should tell the sky to stick it. She keep our distance. The other piece that caught my attention that I think you might be interested in this group care. This group care unindicted co conspirator organization officially certified. Was founded in Philadelphia to meeting. Of HAMAs representatives effectively. It's a front group in my opinion. And yet the media have mainstreamed care who they care now. That's C A R E. This is C A R. No, no, no. This is a HAMAs tied council on American Islamic relations. I wish the idiot governor in Arizona Doocy. I mean, he had a tremendous citizen. He could have put in the United States Senate. Really you wanna talk about the first Muslim we could have had the first Muslim Senator a Republican in Zuhdi Jasser. Instead, he picks the woman who McConnell tells them to pick. Who lost an election? Title never respect this governor ever. Sorry, friend Jordan shack towel over at conservative review. And you ought to go over to conservative review. They have great articles every single day. Really good thought pieces conservative review dot com. I'm no longer the editor in chief there. I stepped down from that a long time ago not because I don't like the site. Obviously, I do because I can't do a thousand things. But it's run by wonderful. People are buddy, Jen. And rob and others. Just terrific. You got Daniel Horowitz there. I shouldn't name names but Jordan's very good. He writes, the HAMAs tied council on American Islamic relations, CAIR, which is best known as an unindicted co conspirator in the largest terrorism financing case in American history appears to have access to high ranking Facebook and Twitter executives, and it's communicated with these individuals about who should be allowed to stay on their platforms. According to a Wall Street Journal report published today. Listen to this. The Wall Street Journal reports that care officials complained to Twitter about activists Lara Luma. Citing a tweet in which she called the antisemitic Representative Ilhan, Omar one of the first Muslim women elected to the house. Don't you know, democrat, Minnesota an anti Semite, which she is and had apologised for sharia law. Luma was later permanently banned from Twitter. Czar? How billow the executive director of care San Francisco chapter was quoted in the journal piece as an individual who appears to have special access to both Twitter and Facebook. The council doesn't often step into advocate against the user says executive director Zara billow, but did so in the case of MS Luma based on her previous comments about Muslims. The peace explains. Let me ask you. We'll care now go to Twitter and Facebook and complain. And complain about the democrat from Michigan. His been spewing anti-semitism from the moment. She was elected in long before. Talib. Are they going to go to Twitter and Facebook? And protest about Talib. Rashida Talib a Palestinian heritage. No way. Don't hold your breath. You won't last very long. Yet. The Wall Street Journal fails to note that Bill O herself as a proven radical extremists. In tweets that remain publicly available below has expressed her support for an Islamic caliphate and sharia law she also claims a multiple tweets that ISIS is on the same moral plane as American and Israeli soldiers. Adding that our troops are engaged in terrorism. Bello is not an anomaly at care her views reflect the mainstream consensus within the organization which over the years has attempted to transform itself from a clandestine HAMAs funding operation to a mainstream Muslim civil rights organization. Carry directors have cheered terrorist attacks publicly declared support for terrorist groups and engage in regular bigotry against various religious, religions, ethnicities, women, homosexuals and others. However, not everyone is buying into this suppose a transformation in two thousand fourteen the United Arab Emirates classified care as a terrorist organization given its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I'm sure Joe Scarborough and Mika will be on top of this one tomorrow. Or maybe Jake tapper how about Don lemon. Yeah. Right. Several bills have been introduced in both houses of congress. Designating the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist. Group remains unclear care would be included given it substantial ties to HAMAs extension. The Muslim Brotherhood for years. Silicon Valley tech giants have been all too eager to look the other way. And allow groups like care to use their platform the spread propaganda completely unchecked. Others bought into the group's newfound civil rights group label and even funded cares advocacy. Now, the social media titans appear to be consulting with care the censoring and banning of unwanted individuals and groups now talking of the same the democrat party today blocked legislation that would allow states boycott companies doing business with their states. When those companies and organizations are involved in the boycott movement against the state of Israel, the democrat party, you know, who blocked it Chuck Schumer. What do you say about that eight-pack? Why don't you grow a set for once? I'll.

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Hamas, John Bolton, Twitter discussed on Mark Levin

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