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Like Jesus said let the little children come to me our guest today comes to us as an actual child. That's a first ever on the pod. Ladies and gentlemen, it is little Liam glory. Hi, hi, guys for first time long time. It is just really we have really excited to have you on because yes you are the youngest person that has ever come on this podcast and you're making waves in our community because you have really started something at your school that we had just so proud that children really stepping up for Christ and doing something about it at the youngest youngest levels at the smallest levels. Tell us a little bit about kids for Christ. Thank you. Well, I'm in third grade as you probably know from my mom and dad and actually I go to a public school and so that is the same thing as a secular school. And so that means there are a lot of kids that are that don't know Jesus and don't know how to open up the doors and the gates and do different sorts of security codes that may arise on the way up to heaven. And so it is my job to show them how like a person at a museum who shows you through, but I can show you through up into heaven. So in my school, I'm not allowed to really say Jesus, words like Jesus sinner, repent, hellfire, stuff like that. My teachers, mister Sanborn, and he doesn't like it. And so I realized you can start your own kind of club and it's called religious freedom. Oh, yeah. You're so smart, Liam. And I mean, you have an entrepreneurial spirit. You said, there's a lack of Jesus and talk of sin and redemption in the fires of hell that are very real and waiting for people's souls who don't repent. And so you saw an opportunity a need and you're filling it by you started all by yourself the kids for Christ's club at your public school? Yes, because I learned because I went to Denny's with my mom and she was asking them to do the bacon right because they could not do it right for some reason that we can not understand. And on the fourth time that they tried, they said that they would not remake it. And my mom said, I know my rights. And that's when I learned to say I know my rights. Wow. And so then I started to go to school to mister Sanborn, and I said to him, I know my rights. Awesome. That is the I mean, these are the type of kids you want around more and that, you know, honestly, I think we need more people standing up for Jesus that are going to say yes, I know my rights are now how to bring Jesus into the lives of others and that is that's a First Amendment right there. That is so true..

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