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Coach they can follow you by hitting your Twitter page. Tell us about that. Well, I like doing that Chuck and I do it once in a while. In fact, I tweet out every show we're going to do before and Also about some of the things during the game, so that game should be doing or not doing and coaching changes or Pac 12 changes or anything that just follow me at Kotarba hide. That's at coach Harvey. I'd and I'll try to keep you up to date on everything Now, Chuck, let's move ahead, call another play. We were talking about expansion. You were talking about the possibility of other teams joining the Pac 12. Your thoughts on that, Or do you want to go to Southern California and talk about competition as far as what's being offered not only in Los Angeles but San Francisco? But in Arizona and Los Angeles as far Southern California, where they're two teams approaches in the Bruins. Well, good. I think that's a great look at what the Pac 12 has to do because, frankly, this year when you start looking at the schedules for college football, you know they get out of the blocks a little bit of rear. The pros get a little bit of a break after their three preseason games and, of course, will be 17 regular season games this year. The schedule was just released. USC opens in the call. See him against San Jose State. The Senate, The state has not been AH, team that travels well. They've had a tenant's problems off on their Roman San Jose, but they've coming off really, probably the best program. We see from San Jose back in the days when you coached against them when they were in the PC double A Big West The second week, Stanford comes to play at USC. Now on the other side of town, you silly opens early a week before against University, Hawaii. They come to the Rose Bowl and then a game, which is of national importance, and that's against L S U um versus U C l A and that's enclosure on coming back to Southern California. So You look at it. And you say if that was held that the call, see him at Orgeron coming back a great story line USC you were probably looking at close to a crowd of 70,000 people. If the Rose Bowl, um gets 55. I think that would be a great a great outing. Danford coming down to play A C. Stanford doesn't travel that well. Their stadium is one of the smaller ones in the Pac 12 for reason. Ah, it's a great football game, but it's not going to be in attendance breaker where were used to 135,000. Earlier in the month, beginning at the late part of of August and then in the September preseason football so far, Stadium and now an Inglewood Rams chargers is gonna be a lot of media attention about that. Then the Raiders come down from Vegas to play the Rams and all those Raider fans of Southern California who spend with their pocketbooks. They have the great jerseys. They go, and they support their team. They will be there and then the Chargers host the 40 Niners. There's a large contingent of 40 Niner fans who will make their way down the five freeway. So in Southern California landscape, it's business one on one. Show me the money supply and demand marketing one on one how you come out of the blocks against the NFL. The machine that rolls because the first month The Bears. They're the one of the great franchises storied, with huge amount of Chicago backers and sort of California, then the Dallas Cowboys against the Chargers. We know how many cowboy fans there are. We know they come to Oxnard. Watch the Cowboys train and then Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coming Rams and then money night, October 4th the Raiders at the Chargers that so far, coach is gonna be very challenging for the Pac 12. Come out of the blocks. So if you were looking to add to that conference, you have to talk about teams like Notre Dame who traveled Oklahoma who travel big name programs because people look at the schedule and they vote with their pocketbook. They brought with their pocketbook. And they have so many choices now, Chuck and that's why the Pac 12 the new commissioner, George K. Is gonna have to look at everything and marketing is going to be so important. And scheduling is gonna be so important. As far as Being able to compete. Not only in Southern California is to just mention for SC and U C. L A, but in Las Vegas with the same thing with you, and I'll be when you have the to bowl games that are in Las Vegas, you have the Raiders playing on Sunday. You've got a great potential here as far as with UNLV now if they can win and get their winning, going to put themselves in a tremendous position. Now in the not West Conference itself. Nothing. He gets a mountain West conference. I think the great Games they had a great associations about West Conference, but they don't really travel. They don't travel, too. Stadium such as, uh, Allegiance Stadium. So you know, and there's a fan base in Las Vegas that's going to require winning. And also it's great to bring a crowd that you know that's gonna want to travel like Iowa State is going to travel this year, the Legion stadium, they'll probably bring 30 30 35,000 people to Las Vegas. So you and all these gotta look at now We gotta step it up. We gotta win. So we have a product in Las Vegas puts in Las Vegas is all about winning. Like to go the knights have done and what they've done, and like the Las Vegas aviators, so I did last year Little all Mighty League baseball as far as in attendance because they win. So UNLV is out of that now in that position in football and basketball, where they have to Produced. They have to win that in order to draw a crowd, but people have Choices. Now they have choices now and then also you and I'll be I would say would directly have to look at, uh, possibly changing conferences. Maybe going to the sun belt. Going to conferences where teams will travel to Ah, Las Vegas that will bring in not only fans, but I wanna come in large groups from Texas. Enough is Houston. Other schools that will come to Las Vegas because the games are in Las Vegas because it's all a part of marketing and again and getting the fan base. So all of these type of things have got to be Discussed at the university level and in Las Vegas as far as on the marketing levels of everything that's going on, and it's a tremendous pressure on everyone. That's plain was. There's only so many dollars, so the top programs We're going to get all the loyalty, so it's exciting. It's all exciting this time of year in this time of century that we're going through with the growth and the marketing and the financial rewards and all the things that are going on and the portal and now they athletes being able to be paid for. Their image and so on in different things. I mean, this is a lot of change going on now in college athletics, and there's a lot to talk about. An expansion is going to be huge Chuck expansion for you and I'll be expansion for the Pac 12. All of the above has got to really be looked at, and there's gonna be a lot of moves going on in the last next two or three years or sooner. Check before we got get into another topic. We got to take a break here again and I Children football report brought to us by the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las.

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