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One thousand. K. T. O K, Leigh Matthews, eight four zero one thousand and Leigh Matthews KT. Okay dot com. Have you seen the spinoff degrees? An enemy. It's called station nineteen and it is wrapping up its first season. It's about first responders in Seattle Washington, Danielle savory stars as Maya Bishop, and she joins us now on NewsRadio one thousand K T. Okay Danielle was a stretch for you to get into character and be a first responder definitely a dream come true. I knew I wanted to, I would have loved to, but it's very few and far between. There's a shows that have Email firefighters or paramedics on that. So to be eighteen and have a good amount of them into one of them is pretty impressive very excited. And it's pretty surreal, well, the TV show seems to accurately portray the new trend in municipal firefighting EMT, and that the firefighters are not just fighting fires. They are also the first responders to most emergencies. Yeah. That's what they actually say that about seventy five eighty percent of calls are actually more EMT or medical related than actual fire. So it's, it's good that you're getting to see that side of it because I never knew that until I and I worked my sister who's app, and actual LAND Los Angeles, fired a fire fighter and paramedic. So, but yeah, the tone of their calls are medical, and we get to do that, as well as the fire, which is so much fun. What's going on here in Oklahoma City? I mean you usually that's the first thing you've seen him at what the call is heart attack car accident. Whatever it's the firefighters were there, first, and then usually the, the, the ambulance arrives later and even sometimes the police arrive later. Yeah, they're always the first one. So they have to have the quickest times the quickest response times we talk about that on the show a lot. That's pretty impressive. What they do. Get to see. I mean, I think everyone everyone has had probably an experienced in her life, one time, rather where firefighters helped them out of something you mentioned your sisters of Stephanie is it is. I guess you didn't have to do a lot of methods to get into the mood because she you live. You have her nearby. I do. I do but she holds me go higher standard. I know I'm a little under the under the, you know, under a lot of pressure, most of the time because they're like, no better than that. Like. So, but yes it was. It was nice to have that insight knowing macer off, obviously, all my life and getting to see her at the job. And then, and then the surreal aspect that I got to play real firefighter firefighter and television, we made her still reeling from it. Like when I called and told her guess, when play on television, she could not guess it. And when I finally told her it was like, no, you've gotta be kidding me. So it's a beautiful to have that insight in a very scary, because like I said, I'm held to a different standard wells about to say, please don't tell me she watches the show. And then calls you later you did this wrong. And this was done that wrong, and you tell those consultants this and that. No, he's not that no. He's not like that till I very understanding. It'd be like that was totally not accurate. But I'll let it slide because TD and I'm losing the one that's, like no tell me how to make it perfect. Because I am such perfectionist in that regard. And I want to do the best I can represent real firefighters. So all the cast do, so there's anything that's slips is we don't know we have to be, you know, we're being advised every day. So sometimes things flip through because it's known samba cast everyone's doing stuff very fast, all the time that sometimes thing that, that sometimes things are done wrong. So we've got to fix those tweet comes that we don't do it again. Savory stars in the ABC hit action drama series station. Nineteen it debuted in October. It's finale coming up later this month, and did you have to do anything to be because your character is also an Olympic athlete. Did you have to do any other particular training? Or do you have to do any type of Jim worked to kind of get into the shape of the character? I do love working out. I've always been pretty athletic played soccer gymnastics and all the fun sports going up. My parents threw me into all of them. So we've been letting but this was a whole different level because the so much weight and, and stress put on your body with this job. So you have a personal trainer that's been training season just to make sure that my body'd in the best shape possible to do this job. It feels amazing. I behold very fit, and like I can do anything, but I, I wouldn't I wouldn't dare to Olympic shape, but, but I, but I do love training and love the fed do the job. And you really kind of, you know, side by side with the male actors on the show and dukes with they're doing and, and pull hoses and, and throw Halligan into wells and do the whole thing. And that's not some people doing it. That's, that's actually us. Women doing it, and it feels really bad us and, and very warding strong women characters are important to, you know, you do activists causes on the side. But how much of that, do you bring into your character, Maya Bishop or is Maya too? Focused on competition to worry about certain issues. He is very focused on competition. That is something that I think, really that fuels her. She she loves that competitive nature. But at the same time, I think, yes, she's a she's actually a very strong strong feminist. I mean, I think her whole thing is about being blunt and honest and, and, you know, representing the female community, the best, she can, you know, I think she's had a congregation with Andy on the show her best friend. And so she's kind of that conversation where we need to represent. We are, you know, painting the way for generations after us, and it's our job to make sure we do it the right way. And she, she makes them buses, he messes up every once in a while to herself, but she's also had some folks, but, but I think she's very very big on that as well. I think the competitive nature is important. But I think she tried to make sure that with more important is the female empowerment in the in the feminist approach. Hugh the job. And to make sure that the women's support each other no matter what Daniel savory station nineteen is the TV show. We look forward to the season finale. Alley on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. And thanks for joining us this evening. You can hear KT. Okay online with the iheartradio. Apple sponsored by Travis. Watkins tax IRS problems, no problem for three three seven.

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