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All over you literally. We're all nodding like sure very stoic. Nod yes fight the ocean at that could the that could go in the don'ts of the art of salesmanship right there. I think Yeah i would have started john birch society. That's just themed at getting people to fight. The ocean fight various forms of nature. Yeah mostly oceans. Punch trees water. All of john birch was preaching. Was good enough to earn his society. The membership of one of my favorite bastards pod characters. Phyllis schlafly she and her husband. Some guy joined in nineteen fifty nine. So yeah that's good. Phyllis schlafly gonna bark at that. Closest chef schlafly shleifer a as as we used to call ourselves not on the left squad. Nah so that same year. Same schlafly and her husband joined the john birch society. Robert welsh launched a crusade to recall newly installed supreme court justice earl warren justice warren was a liberal who had written the majority opinion for a decision that overruled state and local segregation laws. We're talking brown versus board of education. Yeah robert welsh did not like brown versus the board of education. Not not wild about the fact that black people got to go to the same schools as white people and welches is earl warren's opinion on this case meant that he was a communist. Welsh insisted in letters that warren had violated his oath and he harangued his most gifted followers to turn the effort to recall the justice into a movement privately. Welsh wrote that frankly with the left wing control now so strong in cities and ubiquitous in washington. I am not deceiving myself that we have very much chance of really bringing about the impeachment of warren. Although we might. But i don't think that is really as important as dramatizing to the whole country where he stands where the supreme court now constituted under him stands and how important. It is to face the facts about the road. We are now traveling on so fast. So it's really interesting to me. Because in all of his public like publications he makes it clear that this is a real effort to recall era war. And and i think we have a real shot. And we're going to get this guy out of the supreme court and his private letters. He's like we're never going to do this. It's all about making people angry about the rhetoric. It's about who show up the fight. Yeah which is not like anything else. That's happened since. I know a lot of size on this episode. Passed in the future compared. So you get a feel for bob welch by reading his letters. I'm going to read you now. An excerpt from when he sent to t coleman andrews. Who's the commissioner of the irs. Start with screen. I mean kind of it begins with what i hear. Out of all of this writing the letter begins with welches regret. That andrews turned down an opportunity to spearhead the effort against what welsh refers to in all caps as the movement to impeach warren. He calls it that in all caps every time he types about it. He's a guy. Twitter is or not on the supreme court anymore. Is i think he's dead at this. I was gonna say because you gotta go for him. I you know he's your guy. So yeah he starts by being like it's a bummer. That you don't want to help me impeach warren He goes on to discuss gathering storms in the south which is a reference to the civil rights movement Which bob welch stated he thought was directly caused by the communist party quote if blood does flow there which i agree is entirely likely it will definitely be because the communists planned it that way. They have schemed for so long to be in position to fan little fires of civil disorder into huge conflagration of civil war. If and when they need such a horror in their moves to take over and john birch. Though a minister devoted a piece was entirely ready to fight for a cause which he considered worthy of sacrifice so devoted to peace voted to piece. This guy something. He's he's referring to john birch who he did in saying we have to be like john birt devoted a peace but was willing to get into a drunken argument with communist soldiers. Get shot to death. That sounds like most right wing. Heroes like arnold travis. He was drunk He may have been drunk on malaria. I'm just assuming everyone. He's just wasted at all times. That's a good idea. John birch handed earl warren. That is actually a little known fact and found that in right okay nonsense. Yeah so welsh portrayed. The john birch society is work not as partisan activism but as an attempt to unite all americans under an anticommunist banner in nineteen. Sixty issue of the bulletin. He wrote it is of vital importance to the communists to split americans into all kinds of groups snarling at each other and so he said the society would not seek the split up. americans we are fighting communists period. Nobody else they put people into all these groups. And i don't think we should have black people jewish people chinese people liberals the lgbtq community. I don't think we should have any of those people. Those specific groups that i have chosen to deny as people see after evil. Yeah they're dividing us by people who aren't like it. Yeah exactly so. Yeah welsh by the mid nineteen fifties had grown increasingly. Convinced that the entire. Us government was basically communists all the way down and one of the main triggers for this was when congress voted to censure jr senator joe mccarthy in nineteen fifty four So he like on time by the way out right on time they got to quick. So yeah because eisenhower was a big part of finally censoring. Joe mccarthy after leading joe mccarthy joe mccarthy for years welsh saw this as more evidence that i was a secret communist hittings kind of on the wall all the signs. Are there if you're looking he. After justice to whole red scares he stepped in so the politician. Welch's book about ike remained largely a secret work. He circulated among his most loyal inner circle. He handed out to lake leaders in the movement but regular members didn't get to know it was kind of like zeno like when you get high enough up in the birch society word that eisenhower's a communist welsh noted about his book and one private letter quote are rather extreme precautions with regards to this document or not due to any worry on my part as to what might happen to myself but many of my best informed friends feel that having the manuscript get into the wrong hands at the present time might do far more damage than good to the whole anticommunist. 'cause it's it's alex jones. I mean in. Alex jones as a little bit of a spoiler was Grew up on john birch material so not a coup winky dink so for the berkshire rank and file. Eisenhower was just a crooked politician. Who was much too friendly with foreign leaders. At one point nineteen sixty. Ike agreed to attend a summit with nikita khrushchev british prime minister harold macmillan and french president charles de gaulle welsh considered all three of these men to be card carrying communists. Go which with khrushchev spare but to go to go to communist to do rituals and dates and remember. I mean he was pretty problematic and a lot of ways himself but communist is not an accurate is very limited. So as mcmillan for that matter. Yeah so well-considered again all these guys to be communist. And he had the john birch society. Sunday heavily publicized. Message to president eisenhower. If you go don't come back. Exploded was sent out in a blizzard. You'll be exiled hanging out with famous communist. Charles de gaulle. If you go what a great threat you go to that meeting conference room your so. The slogan was santana blizzard of postcards letters and telegrams and within the society it was actually quite controversial since many new were not as irrational as the group's founder nationwide sparked curiosity for this strange semi underground organization. One curious individual was jack mabley an investigative reporter and columnist for the chicago daily news so hey hometown hero yeah mabley. It's technically candyman. Is.

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