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You guys who are interested in. Getting near the Buddha hole is just the Buddha Hall. You know what I mean three and a half years later, I know asshole. I get it, but this is a real tip. Shut the fuck up, so yes, massage right above the back. Of the crack, but I would say you could get to this by offering your man a back massage, so if you guys know the lower part of the back definitely focused there. Were wait. Let me wait. been this damage? Because this is, this is this literally works every single time. I'M NOT GONNA have not worked for me, so you massages back, so you act like Utah and you do the elbow this shit, and you know the patent and get the upper back then when you get down to the lower back then you start massaging the butt cheeks as you're massaging the butt cheeks, you're pulling the cheeks apart right so then you go into the cup of the cheeks so now you're massaging the thighs and the butt cheeks. Die, Butt cheeks and then you go and with your hands, just like so. And you fit your mouth. Bowl and the you add heating the groceries. Tell you. Tell us something, please. I I've never had my as A. What if I was to get my essay? I'm not laying on my stomach and let you must sign my ass cheeks open. Tongue into me. Know. Abby. Massage whereas why didn't like that because I feel like? Come. About the blown the Buddha Hall. That's the opposite. I want things coming out of it, not in it you go far in the face while he and your booty I feel like when they spread my ass like. Come out you. Are you going far? The whole. Asthma! It's the gloomiest massage. Hermanas. It is but so here's the thing you know if they like it or not. Because does they go Alexa, do you? Guys Will Moan and that's. They're like okay. I like what you're doing. So and some of the guys will actually start to spread their legs like to let you know what you're doing is okay without telling you like. There's body language body language. which is laying on like I? Don't feel comfortable, so that's the part I mean. Most people would prefer massage on their stomach so I. Don't think you're thinking of it that way. You're not thinking that it's and then that's the thing because the balls are there you also just spit down on him and make him wet, and then you start massaging the balls while you're massaging the but cheeks. It works I'm telling you it works. You. Guys want to know something random. That's been coming up in my head. It's disgusting I dream about it like two three times a week now, so our place into looms, like in this little like community right and there's this talion dude that lives there with his wife and children mind you..

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