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Because I'm taking I'm just reading site guy. Sturdy they she's a pure gut feeling. No have yeah. Completely agree up in not looking the instagram because he's my five up in watching him trying stuff, not just being according to the season with area. That's of because of actually. March. At one draft Alabama. And Edison and now be Straw. Are Literally. Sterling means a town of Alabama. Yang, own Edison. As a crazy, am right now crazy! But yeah, Mark Gut feeling. Sterling Atto thing is go. The chart supply illuminates are now you know saw is back. The Mauricio Bernardo Silva. There is going to be a lot of rotation with congestive games, but this is why for me, because there's a lot of people, go more sturdy. And if you saw much square very strong, opinion that mile race, he's a big avoid for me. If you you remember I mean we're not had Morris. fucking new IVA well. Yeah Eight Bang for May, and that was when he was in Paik. Foam, it was an unbelievable foam, getting and double digit returns every game, and then what happens peps do fucking him. When he was fucking looking at the best player in the fucking leg. Think about this year on. I can't guess pet roulette against awesome. Would you really see be the lineup? Queiro Sterling Bernardo Silva. That's what I would guess and Burley or what? He might put Mars on for that. He's still got. Sean I guess they're all get minutes because we've got five subsoil. Even if I start that probably come off and Moore's. Maybe he's got enough time to get a law points, but for me sterling just feels lack forms. Reset now, so it worked in his favour. Bad Long season is is. Is Reese as start the season? Banging first game, this season gets west time. I mean over norm. Eastern is quite good. Casinos happens coming back especially if sauna plays. Imagine, if saw name Sterling Comeback Together. That's why I won. I, won the. In San I I won't name free. I scared the risk of San I, because awful lot as well. I think he would get subbed normally because of his injury, but now it's even more Harvey's because of the five shops. Yeah, and he's not only that. Even Stein is going. Pep Immune above with him. Question I did ask my dad that he would you cheat chose out of sterling I, and after a pause of about a minute he sits on I. What yet, but. You. Is, is that question? Hey should pay for the the season to season, but if you go, amy, if you. Know Erin plonker sterling SONAE SONAE, because you prefer ms a player. Did you ask the right question. Play if. It means when you pick these players. Just picking thinks our relaxed more. Anyway law I would I would love to I'm Sony and if we get any word that you can apply Faulk, a might bring him in because that phrase up walk, free meal, Sterling on, but yet another reason I chose sterling over Obama in Edison. He's because next week. Sterling to sawn will be very easy whereas it wouldn't fight Obama. Young instead of Sterling, so that was a deciding factor, but we'll get onto also in a minute. Walk by Guero sees. A? Gray arrive does seem to do really well when he plies, he's on the best. Of You, say he. Actually a peak than sterling. But a lot would argue that. Yes, but I don't know I just feel like again. They've. Ever Good Attacks Laco Rashford human as Russia Vesey Spurs your. County in a minute so. You think Rashford one game against. Spurs. He's than Guero. Two Games also Bernie. You're thinking. To be this. Yeah, who could get a hat-trick? This guy in wake? Guero. Don't sit it. Also bought a guerra. He didn't even ask the question you in who? Actually this guy we need you, said a guero. Between! What between anyone I'm to talk about wear I have anymore no avenue. Where you you take your team and tell me, I scared. You are you'll be fucking? You'll be hard and beyond your couch lot nine manage tomorrow. Yes, also yeah Aquar-. Easily Bang, empathize games obviously, the question is minutes guerra on now Jesus younger fee allies, because there is murmurs of people, maybe picking Jesus or even a Guero and Jesus. Would you think about I not? Because, you know you've got one of the applying. Yeah, but then some guy at both of them so. Then you might only be getting. One point is from them You'd think if you think he's got bugs. One goal from both of them really well, you'd hope so. Yeah about you just doesn't always these. Are Now. You've just arguments I need you. And, but they did seem to lose games that you'd think that they wouldn't normally lows. I mean they've lost the lot of essays. IMPRE- convincingly seven not been as good as before I buy. Of See no, so this is one now we've just got our faith in the break was actually the best time for that to happen today. I can reset and combat stronger than ever you ever amy the not not much to play every it. You peppy still going to want to. See Can. We should was troubling. Yeah, they're PROB-, PEPs probably GonNa Cabinet Fa Cup me because he's got second and his NFL COP saw probably met. Guy Me for it, so fixture could be trouble for humanitarian supplies, but by then we're gonNA fucking one because the plan. Liverpool anyway. Yeah, I, guess I, but in just because I pine doesn't really mean it means that it's going to be up logic time. Yes. He's true. It will be a of good guy who. They this is the thing Navea, as they the rivals of the whole season. I don't just because he's doing cop. Does that mean he's going to drop, he's. Metroplitan Misbah scoring points. Beat them regardless. Yeah, but you have triple SEATAC into the best lay the best defense in the league. You'RE GONNA. Get fucking. Oil No no, but that's why people free in that way. He's the best week. If you go into the Spurs Game Week, we've free see I agree I agree, and you remember yet for for Your Moods, the fixture run for cities spectacular obviously. We Nov going to be like that could fill for gas. They monoplace ago. The keep that in mind that fixture run for years scrumptious, but yeah, inconclusive for a affil-. Jesus Sawn I mend. Your free city players. Precious so a tongue take. I'm not wearing too tight. I, so a risk in the best ones debris now queiro off to sterling. If you disagree with that completely tight, your point because I'm Gonna I'm going purely of. An artist feel. Studies. Going to do well is weak for pure Gut Falem. Talked about arsenault now because. As of talks about auto of Obama Yang per is is pretty much a stipe when a law teams going for Golden Boo. Got Two games or at once against the Abe he has wants Brian many schools almost every dime. Why wouldn't have him? Wa wouldn't have him because whereas a choice for this week. You can have a little bit of both. But they ain't gonNA arrive debris, not studying guerra and Don. Sterling a low people have now acquire Obama Young, which is sensible, but for me look. Or whatnot hive awards sterling study could starting to get two goals in the season. The Bernie game get cover cogan sauce known whereas Obama Yang Concept scoring at sea. He can. Probably will. Probably definitely crime and Make may boast go in that as well but for me. I'm just not really. Linen also of never at any point of much off, so tinkering had free arsenal could a little paper also teams, we've. Zoo?.

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