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The opinions or recommendations expressed by day and are his own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the station welcome back financial issues and get back to phones we go to Yvonne Yvonne Yvonne conus from Texas Hey Ron hello Mr Dan how are you good are you Yvonne from our retreat yes very Todman from my rising from our retreat okay thank you how are you doing better than I deserve to all talk and talk about to treat I want to say thank you so much for making that happen this will come to my life and a lot of my wife just in perfect time we was looking for something like this and we will we went down I can tell you in my battery like my old truck the new battery bill again I was in that place My Baby was completely down and thank you for that and schedule for you on for making that able to treat one disappointment in bad because you said the other year I told you every year but you said it'll be every well you're not the only one that said that but we appreciate that and I'm so glad it was encouraging to you guys thank you oh yeah oh yeah definitely one thing what led me to call you the person to take callers before and then Jason he say he does not work start how to start and he didn't know what exactly to do I have to tell him I hope he's listening I would choose problem between half four years ago when I moved to Texas radio and you say you're charging eighty five dollars to become a partner I to me and I'm paying right now the deal with the adviser four hundred fifty dollars every quarter handed guy will come only three eighty five either I know who you are what you've been doing it hi John Payne pay eighty five dollars without listening the instructional videos investing one on one I so we'll look at that it's not that complicated I would think you mean it's something I will never learn how to do it the reason why I got this investors for fifteen twenty years paying a lot of money because I was afraid he will die from that area because I'm not very smart very confusing for me this is the best thing that ever down don't become a member with grade five dollars due to the drop in the ocean the information and advice will getting from bad it was much much more than that anyway this another point well thank you for that in one you introduce the purple with tracker tools I mean I'd help pay not their name and that guy I know exactly what he's doing and he's explaining the white one I can understand and I'd like it if I understand that anybody can understand it thanks to you because you got with the people just like me patiently answered every question I was thinking at the time that microphone sometime I blow up and I'm not the guy who have to be affected because of you is an impatient with the people like me I have to tell anybody with Albania is listening and say Hey I don't know what he's talking about how did been doing it for years just now being that you'll understand later the benefits of that membership and I have to tell you you always say thank you for the common partner I have to tell you I think and I'm confident we've been creating more from being a partner with you the new benefiting from what I can tell you with a one hundred percent I mean if I become a member of course I pulled out my money from that advisers and I'm doing it on my own I don't have to stand before hundred fifty dollars and my proposal was growing like crazy I can then I can believe it it's scary sometimes up to my wife and scary they going up that's not the real because I've been there for three four years with you now one place thank you so much for whatever you are doing for us keep it up and I wish you can disorganized some kind of trick to either you or without the maybe going in the water for a week we hear you but I know of them out there what it is but whatever and we're gonna keep doing that we're gonna do some things we've got some things that are we're planning so but thank you so much for that and I wanna thank you for encouraging other listeners that is such a blessing to the ministry and and you really have blessed us I know because there's people listening to you that are are going to come alongside us and they're going to learn how to invest honoring god with their money and be blessed by it because of what you just said and and encourage them so I want to thank you you really have encouraged me Ivan and I'm I'm so grateful I to you and we were so blessed by you and your wife be in there so we're glad that you were blessed by the retreat thank you thank you so much again for what they were you doing for us and and I hope so one more thing anybody out there thinking Hey eighty five dollars I'm not a lot you out to.

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