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I'm your host will Schreiner and we listened back. Act Too many of these great podcasts and try to put them into perspective for you. Jimmy Carter was president. All things in the country. Were good in nineteen seventy nine so we kick off our show is that always says you. ooh Johnny that was a reminder to all of us to get out of the bathroom and come in and listen to the monologue well tonight doc. Severinsen the band leader is often Tommy. Newsom mm-hmm is filling in Tommy was always the subject of a Of of a shot or two got a great shot on him about his close. Because Tommy was kind of you know a a dry wit and a good foil. Johnny Johnny got a lot of mileage out of that This show has A classic slow news day as Johnny's to say that was always a the premise for not being to top. But he had some things to talk about to do. He was welcoming the tourists and there was giving him some suggestions on what to do in town about like the southern in California theater scene and of course Janis visit the snail land. Next up he talks a little bit about Faira Faucets. divorce He has a joke. That needs needs a little explaining which China so good at explaining a joke but he saves it with great Killer joke end the bit on Farah Fawcett you'll enjoy that following the monologue Karnak them magnificent Visitor from the east as Ed but sets up so well. If you don't understand the remember the premises Karnak would give give the answer. And then Ed would read the question Johnny had always had fun doing this. Especially when the setup didn't go well or any time there was something that was just a little off off kilter ed got a great Great kick out of it and they really They really have fun together doing it. There was one off color joke. That gets a big laugh from Ed. And and there's one that bombs and Annette even says You'll hear it but as questions if johnny got it right or not. The audience is hot and cold throughout the monologue. But Ed milks when he gets to the. I have in my hand the last envelope. Well that was always a good setup for ed it was always a good reminder for the audience that this better be a good one and this one is and I guess on a show is the great comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Who We've lost a few years ago? I actually even went a to his funeral and it was one of the more funerals I've ever Attended and everybody got up and told Rodney stories and Roddy was a great guy to hang around with. He used to come in the IMPROV. All the time I sit around and the big roundtable improvisation on melrose and a whole court as we say because who as a comedian did not love Rodney Dangerfield I love this monologue and then of course roddy always comes over and sits with Johnny and then of course the model continues is but it's a panel so johnny would set up You Know Rodney on a couple of topics and if you listened closely you'll hear where he talks about How's your health and Rodney's he's not quite there yet so he takes? He takes a break. Because I'm not there yet so Johnny Oh oh okay. We'll get to that but it it for insiders that know the how the panel went. Johnny would have you know three or four topics to to ask Rodney and I guess health came who soon in the equation and of course my favorite and you got to hang in there until the end. My favorite bit is when Rodney has finished all his material there. He's got nothing and Johnny's not given anything so he just turns to the guest to his right and says So how's it going with you because it just floors Johnny that Rodney's out of material and he's already turned to the other guests. I enjoyed that. I hope you do too anyway. Here it is. Here's a another great episode of the Johnny Carson. Show podcast we've got Karnak and we've got Rodney so give give a listen. I know you're going to enjoy it. I'll see any other side and now ladies and gentleman Johnny Yeah thank you. I'll be I I enjoy. I'll be honest. I enjoyed the applause with amazing. How many people think the show is over.

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