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Of you with Michael Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience where where, where are your Louisiana. Louisiana at John Schneider Studios we have a hundred fifty acres or so here. Actually I don't have it. That's a whole other long story but It's. It's a beautiful place just hey, folks just before we got on the air here I was showing Michael Cool this used to be a summer camp. From nineteen, forty, until nineteen, ninety, it was either a summer camper a church camp. So it's got this most amazing rule. It's two hundred and something thousand gallons. And when people rent the place to to shoot movies and do different things they wind up invariably hanging out at the pool and having a great time. So I showed Michael Anyway. Yeah and he's also what he's insinuating really is that you're all welcome to come down hang out in this pool. He'd love that. You know we have AIRBNB here too. So you know you can't come for three, but you can come down for you know a couple of pennies. Well, I'll tell you what I'll pay whatever money if you promise to have your shirt off if I come there. I was working I was working when the. When the Sabbath either take your call or run to the House and get another shirt. But I figured this would be okay. Look I just before I a shirtless guess it is. It's the first shirtless guest and by the way I gotta say I looked obviously I don't know how old you are I never would have thought sixty old ever I don't know how you look this I always say this is like my mom said my aunt said it all my friends said like he's really hot when we were doing smallville and I'm like okay. I'll thank you I. Don't know what to say but I'll tell him. Thank you, thanks. But thank you. I'm happy you are happy and by the way someone who has like. I know you're writing a book I know you're doing all these I? Mean you've done everything we can. We'll get into that but did I wrote the book I wrote the book the book is out the book looks at now like my way. Yeah it's out now my life my way get an Amazon why not do you tell the truth? No, the next one I tell the truth. Yeah. But I get the next one is called Naked So the next one will be, they'll be a little bit more darker and Deft as far as into the dark stuff because I'm I right dark thing. So when the when naked comes out, it'll be a little more The first one is absolutely true but the first one is like. He G..

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