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Of his didn't the keep it each other fraction man this is this is one of those those the were i just i can understand what she speak i don't know who's you know or where he's getting this idea that this is a great idea to know who she spoke to so is a great is start that because they should it that think about this want to wait a week he's probably going to go have it actually gave in the super bowl and most teams tend overpaid for guys who play won the super bowl because they associate winning the super bowl with that guy's perform wentz sure you not coming across a selfish and mobile hold you know i mean i don't even know if divided freeman feels like he's in a prepare situation if that was my is i feel like i've i was put a very difficult situations like what he did of a man is supposed to be about us going to the super bowl win in the game not about me secured a new deal is something like this would you change representation ours that to difficult to that this is me and they came out like usually what's it his thing i i i don't know of many sick or circumstances were nature will you know laterally come out to this usually this from the play but if yeah if i had it aged you don't laterally did this at this time i would say you're done and it is out before but this this generally is just the mouthpiece of what devonta freeman wanted to video says i did but his a two should be fired in and it's of respects for even allowing him to like go through the site if it was and i didn't he presented her that she should start to negotiate a process it is here because they're the risky to go she gets absolve right out because what what happens of all of a sudden seven coleman goes out has likes the game yeah well the sudden all the requests.

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