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This was another player. you saw. Yes yes it was. Actually one of the last shows that i saw before the shutdown happened. And i'm just so happy to see. David alan grier get this award. He's been nominated several times before that and this was his first time winning. And i think a lot of people don't realize this dude is like a trained actor. He can do everything from shakespeare to a soldier's play to of course a lot of people know him from in living color so like his range is fantastic and it just made me really happy to see him get this award and i thought the production was actually really really strong. And i'm glad. I got a little bit of love last night In terms of a little bit of love actually a lot of love moolah rouge basically soaked up just about everything. It was nominated for including best musical leading actor in a musical into debate who listeners of the show will remember as the carnival barker in schmidt. Geduhn he was. The only actor nominated in this category. Because of we are timing stuff and man. I really wanted him to acknowledge it a little bit more than he did but he mostly played it. Straight right yeah. This was the first time this that ever happens. And apparently he needed at least sixty percent of the votes to win and look at that he did. But i would have loved to see like a bit made out of his speech and instead i think he kind of like briefly alluded to or mentioned it and then just kind of went on. And it's like oh man. This could have been really funny moment. Something this weird happens. A bit is required. You gotta do a bit anyway. A featured actor in a musical went to mulan ridges danny burstein who gave an emotional speech mentioning the loss of his wife over the past year. You all showed up for us. You were there for us whether you just sent a note or sent your love. Sent your prayers sent bagels. It meant the world to us. And it's something. I'll never forget. And i love being an actor on broadway. Thank you so the few musical awards moulin rouge didn't soak up a went to jagged little pill featured actress in a musical went to lauren patent. Now there's a lot of controversy surrounding this particular. Musical producers have apologized for mishandling. The character of joe is played by patent. Joe is a gender non-conforming character who is quote on an open ended journey with regard to their cleaners and gender identity a patent of courses assist gender woman. And there's also been some other stuff around this particular musical actor nora. Shell voiced concerns about backstage treatment. They say there were coerced into putting off surgery producers. Say they're deeply troubled by these claims and pledged to take the matter quote very seriously a lot going on there but best book of a musical. Went to diablo cody. She's on her way to got. Yeah she has what this and then she has the oscar for the screenplay for juno correct. I like go. The i think she's made some really really fascinating stuff between obviously juno and then movies like a young adults entirely so good for her good for her leading actress in a musical winter. Adrienne warren for tina. The tina turner musical. It's very on the nose name for musical but there you are. You saw this too right. I did and look adrienne warren. I was so happy to see this happen. I feel like this was one of the wins. That was pretty predictable. She just gave a powerhouse performance. I mean the thing about tina. You know we've already seen what's love got to do with it angela. Mass and of course killed that role in the nineteen ninety-three movie adrienne. Warren took a show. That was kind of wrote. And you know it's not about okay. I don't know my oh stage show. And it's kind of Undone by some very traits moments but she really elevates the role she really inhabits tina turner while also making it her own. She has the rasp patina. But she's just so charismatic that it feels like more than just you know jamie foxx.

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