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On the passes. No kwami. Well, we have traction tires advised. Your next report ten forty four. I'm Mike conkland. Komo news. Let's take quick check of the forecast. See what's ahead therapies is strong. Onshore flow bringing showers at times tomorrow, mid forties. Showers in the morning drier in the afternoon on Saturday. And then here comes the sunshine Sunday Monday in the KOMO weather center on KOMO news. Forty two degrees right now. Search for a two year old boy in a scattered river will continue tomorrow morning. Toddler was last seen playing along the riverbank at his home on man road and Conway just south of mount Vernon komo's Patrick twinges from alongside the river air boat and beneath the surface, crews combed through the Skagit river searching for the body of a missing two year old boy was an electric toy that the boy was playing on. And we saw some tracks that led to the riverbank and the water officials are treating this as a recovering mission of the toddler who was reported missing from his Conway home on Thursday afternoon, right now, we're looking this is a tragic accident. We're not seeing anything at this point for play. But we have investigators out here. We're looking at the whole picture neighbors. Tell me the family. We moved to the area in July and may not have realized the danger of the Skagit river in the winter. A treacherous combination of cold, murky and swift conditions. Patrick quinn. Come on your state child. Welfare officials are responding to a report earlier this week about foster children being put up in hotels, raw shutters. The secretary of the State Department of children, youth and families. He tells KOMO because of a shortage of specialized group homes between one hundred two hundred hard to place foster children end up in hotels, having to be supervised around the clock and a very high cause severe either mental health issues behavioral issues or have some kind of really special therapeutic need where they require a level of either supervision or therapy. That's really we're unable to provide in most private foster home. Putter says one of the biggest problems is low pay.

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